Groove City sign with Maker Agency, Gold Chevrolet Single Release, AU/NZ Tour Announce

by the partae

Groove City have found themselves in trouble again: this time, she’s got expensive tastes, a penchant for champagne, and she rides around in a Gold Chevrolet.   

Listen to Gold Chevrolet
“Groove City are a down-under version of Chromeo that we are vibing… [they’ll] satisfy your deepest darkest disco desires.” – Pilerats
“Capitalising on acts before them like Total Giovanni or even very early Client Liaison, yet putting their own spin on it, Groove City are sitting on a treasure trove of tunes that will make you feel good inside and out.” – Purple Sneakers
“Injecting a sorely-needed dose of unadulterated funk into our local scene, Daniel Andaloro and Calum Mawson have spent the last 12 months fulfilling a mission handed down to them by the disco gods themselves: bless this wholly unprepared world with straight-up baby makin’ slow jams.” – Best Before

The year is 1979. Chic, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, Rod Stewart and Edwin Starr have dominated the charts with #1 singles, the Bee Gees have won 4 Grammys for Saturday Night Fever off the back of the hit film starring John Travolta in bellbottoms, shag was a desirable feature for a rug (not just something you did on it), garish excess was the ruling order of the day, and two young men by the name of Daniel Andalaro and Calum Mawson, who would come to be known far and wide as legendary disco duo Groove City… well, er, they weren’t born yet.

But today, Groove City are very much alive! And proudly carry the torch for 1979 right into 2018. And what a dent they’ve made in 2018’s bonnet so far. Only half a year deep, and they’ve barely put a dancing foot wrong: three official singles in 2018,  performances atLost Paradise and Groovin’ the Moo, and their own sold-out headline show, ‘Disco Deluxe’ at the Oxford Arts Factory.

At the start of this year these movers and shakers made good on the ‘moving’ part, and relocated to Melbourne, where they set up a pretty hot-looking studio. They are currently self-employed as full-time disco kings, and in their spare time enjoy soaking up the cosmopolitan spoils of the city. After all this moving and shaking, the boys are now in need of a disco nap. Between now and New Year’s, their only real plans consisted of pouring themselves a martini, lying back in their matching leather Eames chairs, lighting up some Cuban Cigars, and pumping Chaka Khan through their overpriced modern “vintage-feel” speakers… Unfortunately, the Disco Gods had other ideas. SUCH was the demand for Groove City across the lands, that esteemed booking agency Maker Agency decided to sign them, and promptly whipped their gold spandex clad butts into a series of venues for an Australian/NZ Tour, to bless their ‘desperately seeking disco’ fans with pure heavenly grooves. Hallelujah!

An unverified spokesperson from Maker Agency offered this statement: “We thought we’d take a punt on these disco hooligans… it’s not every day you walk into a gig in 2018 and two grown men are doing the Hustle, with exposed chest hair, on stage. Granted, we had to fight through a sea of martini-wielding women to get their number, but we’re glad to finally have them on our books.”


Groove City have also dusted off a rare gem in their collection of tirelessly crafted funk and disco originals, and have decided to use these shows as an opportunity to take her out for a spin…. after schmoozing us with the fast-paced, retro-funk tinged Can We (Do This Again) a few months back, the boys have turned out another slice of high-octane, late 70s/early 80s production, with smoldering lyrics rich in narrative:

“Gold Chevrolet is a vintage summer anthem,” share Groove City, “About a charismatic, smart and classy lady who doesn’t take shit from anyone, gets what she wants and drives a Gold Chevrolet – for no reason other than the drive itself. Men want to be with her, women want to be her, but all she wants to do is ride into the sunset.” 

With Gold Chevrolet, Groove City prove themselves future heart-throbs of the new Australian dance scene – and it’s time to check their moves for yourself at their upcoming live shows. The duo’s reputation for laying down intoxicating grooves and mastering solid funk vibes in their performances precedes them. After two years of working tirelessly on crafting the perfect set list, Groove City have “reached a point in our lives where [disco] is literally all we live and breathe,” says Mawson.
Of the approaching live shows, audiences can expect an immersive dancefloor experience; these two smooth operators will take dancers through an odyssey-like voyage of feel-good disco classics (re-mixed and re-worked for 2018), combined seamlessly with Groove City’s own repertoire of catchy originals in one continuous, potent, and endlessly entertaining, live mix…replete with choreographed moves!



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