Greenwave Beth’s debut EP ‘People in Agony’ is premiering via Sydney’s FBi Radio now

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Greenwave Beth

“Rushforth’s trademark Australiana-tinged vocals soak through the track, backed up by sharp electronic synths, poppy percussion and a hook that’ll get stuck in your head for days.” – The Music

“[Greenwave Beth] recalls the sharp monochrome of New York no wave, pop music with weight and density.” – FBi Radio

“Dark and desperate with an undeniable surge to it.” – Declan Byrne, triple J

“…[Greenwave Beth makes] highly emotional music that ranges from manic electronic skirmishes to slow spiritual ballads that question the place and possibility of the romantic in a digital age.” – Mucho Bravado

“Greenwave Beth (and Flowertruck) singer Charles Rushforth has one of the most distinctive voices in Sydney music: a mixture of David Byrne’s full-throated appeal and a blunt, enunciated ocker charm.” –Dom O’Connor via LNWY

“Explosive and synthy.” – 2SER Radio

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Following the releases of Make Up and Love and Property, we’re excited to announce Greenwave Beth‘s debut EP, ‘People in Agony‘, premiering right now via Sydney’s FBi Radio.

Self-described as a “musical risk”, it’s the latest project from Charles Rushforth andWill Blackburn of indie-rock quartet, FLOWERTRUCK. The idea was born when Rushforth bought a vintage MPC 1000 off eBay and discovered he could compensate for his skills on keys by midi-sequencing his MicroKorg through it. “I’ve never had so much control over my own music”, he says. 

Swapping the Triffid-inspired post-punk riffs of FLOWERTRUCK for a blend of lifting synths, drum machines and freeform songwriting, the EP serves as a great example of [Rushforth’s] ability to combine dark and emotional lyrics with poppy percussions and hooks that stay with you.

“We transform ourselves into very curious things to avoid pain”, says Rushforth on the EP’s title, ‘People in Agony”. “Soft parts turn hard, weak spots are covered up or extenuated. You can almost dodge it entirely, but then something like a relative’s baby crying at night can paralyse you.”

The four-track EP is filled with anxious musings on the title’s theme.  “I can’t sleep through clenched teeth / not a boy anymore…), Rushforth exclaims in the opening verse of lead track, ‘Country’.

In Against Me, Charles sings sincerely “your rehearsed lines against mine, who’ll win this time? / Love’s a fight and we’ve spent our life on the ropes”, before a sharp synth breaks out.

Greenwave Beth’s most recent single, Love and Property explores the social contract of romance. Layers are gradually added as the track progresses, building to Rushforth’s signature vocal-shout, “it’s the thought that counts!”

Make Up was the first single released by Greenwave Beth, and serves as a solid closing track to the promising new EP. Described as “Alan Vega transported under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with desperate synths and motorik drum beats” by FBi Radio, it’s a brilliant example of Rushforth’s ability to create music that’s both unsettling and uplifting.

Charles Rushforth wrote an MPC1000 how-to for Red Bull, going through tips and tricks of making music with the vintage sequencer and sampler.

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