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Out Friday October 20 on City Slang via Inertia Music

Watch video for first single “Bloodflow”

‘Bloodflow’ could easily find a home inside sweat-soaked warehouses
as easily as the majestic symphony halls of continental Europe.

Line of Best Fit

Excellent musicianship mixed with technical wizardry draws some
unusual sounds out of a grand piano on Grandbrothers.

Dummy Mag on “Naive Rider”

Düsseldorf duo Grandbrothers have signed to City Slang for the release of their second album, Open, which is to be released on Friday October 20. Today, they share a first taste of the new record with enchanting track “Bloodflow” and an accompanying video.

Grandbrothers are the sum of unique parts: Progressive Swiss engineer/mechanic/sofware designer Lukas Vogel and German-Turkish pianist Erol Sarp. Their second album Open twins Sarp’s piano skills with Vogel’s talent for both building the formidably intricate mechanics with which he exploits his partner’s instrument and also designing its software.

Suggestions that Grandbrothers are part of the burgeoning, so-called “neo-classical” movement might seem reasonable, but, the duo argue, they’re also off the mark. As Sarp points out, “We don’t only make music for listening to, after all.As much as we enjoy playing concert halls with the audience seated we also love to play at sweaty clubs where people are standing and dancing around us.

Director Hugo Jenkins explains the video, saying: “When I first heard the track I was really intrigued by how certain parts repeated yet kept evolving in a way that felt amazingly effortless. This made me reflect on different forms of spirituality and therapy that often involve repetitive tasks. I tried to let this repetition inform the way the film is structured, often returning to a particular idea but revealing a little more each time we see it.

The feel of the music is just so emotive I felt an abstract exploration of memory, family and the mother/daughter relationship made sense to me. The environment I chose to explore this in was drawn from a personal experience I had a few years ago.

Their synergy – born of an innate understanding and intuition, personally and musically – can be heard throughout Grandbrothers’ technically innovative, thrillingly distinctive work: two ingenious minds, perfectly in tune, relentlessly exploring new ideas. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Keep your mind Open.

1. 1202
2. Bloodflow
3. From A Distance
4. Long Forgotten Future
5. Honey
6. Alice
7. White Nights
8. Circonflexe
9. Sonic Riots
10. London Bridges

Open by Grandbrothers is out Friday October 20 on City Slang via Inertia Music
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