Get Stuck Into The New Frank James Single ‘STUCK ON YOU’

by the partae

Previous Support for Frank James

“Tender in parts then bluesy and stirring in others, a nice mix frank!”
[About ‘Friday’] (Declan Bryne, Triple J)

“Extra chilled one from Frank like it’s been at the back of the fridge – not a bad thing as the sun’s beating down on us atm.” (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“This is quite gorgeous. Super cruisey. Made for a warm, low key day I reckon.” (Claire Mooney, Triple J)

“Friday is one of those true island-vibing tunes that has pure elements of well, just chill.” (AAA Backstage)

“‘Friday’ finds the indie folk-pop artist exploring meandering electric guitar tones heightened by stabby psych-rock flourishes throughout and Frank’s chilled, laidback vocals”  (Scenestr)

Shrouded in an aura of spellbinding suave, genre-melding singer-songwriter Frank James has returned adding a smooth new nighttime groover to his alternative-folk / RnB blend with the release of ‘STUCK ON YOU’ on November 12

Emerging with his first single since last year’s meditative track ‘Friday’Frank James is continuing his sonic evolution, surrounding his easy-going acoustic sound with resounding electric layers that drip with his distinctive mellow confidence.

‘STUCK ON YOU’ appears in a seductive swirl of delicate electric guitar and deep, pulling basslines as James’ sultry vocals move unhurriedly towards the chorus. With an irresistible hook, hip-hop inspired percussion and a reggae-tinged instrumental that seems to have fallen off the back of a late 70s funk record, you almost forget the melancholic nature of the song.

Lyrically, ‘STUCK ON YOU’ delves into the experience of being unable to get over someone after a breakup, and doing anything you can to avoid the pain, without much success, as Frank James states:

“This song is about mourning a past lover/relationship and being ‘stuck’ on it. Trying to substitute the void with other things and people but falling short and ultimately making yourself feel worse.”

Since his 2017 debut with ‘The Hopecity EP’Frank James’ releases have seen support from the likes of Double JTriple J UnearthedAAA Backstage, theMusicScenestr, Aus Music Scene and more.

Get stuck into Frank James’ new steamy single ‘STUCK ON YOU’, which is out on November 12.

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