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With just one EP under his belt (Panth – Banned In Vegas, 2017), published just over a semester ago, and with a career that has not yet reached its first year of life, the solo career of the ex-MAD project, Galera, is a breeze of comforting fresh air in the panorama of Spanish electronic artists. He finishes the year after outstanding local performances (Artenou, O Marisquiño, Manrusiónica, Laut) and showing off his live show as support for Tycho on his national tour and sets his sights on capturing public attention once again, this time with an EP of three tracks conceptually very deep, mature and vibrant.

The title of the EP (Havana) comes from an idea that ranged around the head of the original producer from Rubí to incorporate percussions that remind him of what a jungle would be like in the city, and what better reference to a jungle-city than Havana itself, with that freedom and at the same time that containment, with that particular way of life, so bold and combative as well as dominated. The orthographic turn that transforms the B of Habana in the V of the title of this EP, is none other than a perfect alibi by means of which, Galera borrows the V of ‘Selva’ to incorporate it into that imaginary Havana that motivates the musical genius that is presented to us.

There aren’t many tracks that have names as suggestive as D’Ella, and this track is inspired nostalgia in an ephemeral love, but no less wild and urban at the same time, or even the own Foc, that fire that every jungle possesses  that energy it generates, wild, intense, indomitable at times, Galera takes us by the hand on a personal journey through that jungle, that interior Havana, culminating with the great Chez Montull, a tribute to his hometown (El Prat) and a bar with the same name property of his uncle, which keeps jungle references of a neighborhood between the urban and the wild.

01 – D’Ella
02 – Foc
03 – Chez Montull

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