Fuzzystar ‘Superhero’

by the partae

Fuzzystar ‘Superhero’

Taken from his latest album Telegraphing, Edinburgh-based artist Andy Thomson – aka Fuzzystar – continues to create off-kilter indie pop with the release of new single, Superhero, out now via Satellite Sounds.

Superhero was written while Andy was going through a rough period, unsure of what the future held. He explains “Making this into a superhero story added a bit of distance to be able to write about it, rather than trying to tell it directly. It’s about trying to make the best of bad times and just getting through it, whilst being aware of your own flaws and failings.” The single is another infectious slice of indie-pop, filled with twinkling melodies and Andy’s signature colloquial vocal style, sounding akin to the likes of Big Star’s Chris Bell.

Andy Thomson has been playing solo and in various line-ups as Fuzzystar for years; starting in Edinburgh, with a stint in London, before returning to Scotland. The band name comes from an appreciation of the bands Big Star and Mazzy Star. Now, Fuzzystar is made up revolving cast of whoever is available at the time, hence the name – a star which looks like one star but is made of lots of other stars. Andy has received praise from a number of well-regarded publications including The SkinnyClashThe National and With Guitars to name but a few. With Superhero, Andy hopes to continue to captivate listeners further with his rich lyrical storytelling and lo-fi melodies.

Superhero is out now via Satellite Sounds.

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