by the partae

A1. Intruder (Void – 1997)
A2. Chemical Cloud (FBAR – 2017)    
A3. Almost Human (Delsin – 2001)
B1. Something To Hold (Unreleased – 2004)
B2. Dark Passenger (Rush Hour – 2009)
C1. Eon Link 500 (Delsin – 2000)
C2. Head Ways (Emoticon – 2002)
D1. Fake Love (Versatile – 2003)
D2. Machines Can Help (Tresor – 2010)
E1. Cross Dissolve (Tresor – 2010)
E2. Endless Blue (Tresor – 2010)
E3. Calculated Notes (EevoNext – 2009)
F1. Radio.Seti.Org (FBAR -2013)
F2. Lumiere (Versatile – 2003)
F3. Without Words (Eevonext – 2009)
Digital Only: Beginner (Unreleased – 1996)

Future Beat Alliance presents ‘Beginner/Chemical Cloud’, an AA single of 2 tracks taken from his forthcoming retrospective compilation ‘FBA21: Collected Works 1996-2017’.

Beginner’ is an unreleased gem from 1996 which offers a rare insight into Matthew Puffett’s earlier visions as a producer, whilst ‘Chemical Cloud (FBA, 2017)’ pairs angular melodies with ethereal pads and a healthy dose of eccentricity.

In pairing one of his earliest works with a brand new production, we get a glimpse into the talents of a true visionary, explored from opposite ends of his career.

 Listen to Beginner
 Listen to Chemical Cloud

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