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Today Fractures –  the project of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Mark Zito – releases a new single “Sculptures” via Caroline Australia. The release coincides with the announcement of Fractures’ new signing to the FADER Label in the US.

Fractures caught the attention of The FADER’s president and publisher and now Fractures co-manager, Andy Cohn. Cohn, responsible for bringing the project to FADER Label, first developed a relationship with Zito following a personal life experience:

“After losing my wife suddenly to cancer in the summer of 2016, music played a massive role in my healing process. That’s when I discovered and connected with Fractures,” says Cohn. “I reached out to Fractures manager Anthony, which led to premiering the track “Time Frame” From there I started written correspondence with Mark and realized not only the depth of his talent, but also what amazing and like-minded humans both Mark and Anthony were.”


Appealing to a wide audience with a catalogue full of diverse music rooted in ambient rock, electronica, and beyond, Fractures joins FADER Label after releasing two accredited albums, 2014’s Fractures and 2017’s Still Here. The latter a deeply retrospective album he began writing following a near-fatal incident that sent Zito into a self-imposed isolation, and inspired the albums emotional themes — from the personal lyrics to the layered production.

Speaking of his new track ‘Sculptures’, Zito says, “The idea here is that as we change and grow, every day builds on the day before, strengthening the connection of two people. It alludes to sculptures as something that typically are everlasting and withstand the test of time. It deals with the moments of doubt everyone has with any relationship, internal questioning of whether it’s heading in the right direction but ultimately knowing that the whole business of LOVE is about persistence and tolerance.”

Co-founded in 2002 by Jon Cohen and Rob Stone, New York City-based FADER Label has put out a dynamic catalogue of critically acclaimed albums and singles worldwide. FADER Label is the current home to rapidly rising singer/songwriter Clairo, new collaborative project YOTA: Youth of the Apocalypse and duo Matt and Kim, among others.

Fractures plans to release more new music in 2018. Stay tuned for announcements, and for more information.



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