Feather Touch

by the partae

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

I’m based in Sydney where despite the lock out laws, music is still going strong with amazing artists on the scene. Live music is still coping but artists are having to be a bit more creative finding places to play (with interesting places like 107 in Redfern hosting amazing acts) but the audience is definitely still there.

Your new single ‘Need You’ is out now, where and when did you record?

‘Need You’ has come together out of a few demos mainly recorded in 2016. I pulled most of the music together in my own home studio before taking it to Haxx at his Joy Luck Studios and amazing space in Melbourne. I topped up the sounds with a lot of additional sounds recorded up in Sydney at my studio in Brooklyn at Hibernian.

Who are what influenced the songwriting for this track?

Aussie electro and the modular sound of the 2000s was a big driver of this song but I wanted to blend that with a pop vocal sound and piano break down. I’m really happy with the mix of that Aussie sound (bands like Presets, Miami Horror, Flight Facilities and Van She) and more RnB pop based vocals and keys that the final track came out with. Haxx and his Kult Kyss sound is opbviously there given his production support (and takes the song to places I couldn’t have alone). 

How did the writing process take place for ‘Need You’?

I am a man who subscribes to Hugh Grant’s approach from rom com classic “Music and Lyrics” and generally start with the music and this song was no exception. I started with Keys and stumbled on some fun percussive sounds. I actually feel like the lyrics came very easily with this one and I really resonated with the message of wanting to drive to improve when you see parts of yourself and oyur personality that disappoint you. Once I had them down I found some fun sample cuts of my singing that pulled the instruments together and to it to Haxx to work his magic.

What programs/equipment do you use when recording and playing live?

I am very much an Ableton man (even more so since I saw Paces amazing Ableton master class at BIGSOUND this year) and love how easy it is to take loops from live and programmed instruments into a full song. It is an incredibly powerful song writing platform.  

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

I am looking to play a few live shows to support the release of ‘Need You’ and start to really slot into the Sydney music scene (having only been up here since December 2017). I am running a live music recording and streaming space called Brooklyn at Hibernian so I’ll be continuing to scout amazing Aussie talent to have through and then prepping to release a few songs I’ve been stockpiling to ensure 2019 is my biggest year for releasing music yet.

You’ve moved into singing over your own music, how has this experience been so far?

I used to play guitar and sing in an indie pop rock band and when that slowed down I rebelled against that about as dramatically as possible moving to sample based dance production when I first began experimenting as Feather Touch. Whilst I really loved the story that sample based music could tell I missed singing and always knew that’s what most Feather Touch music was supposed to be. I’ve loved the challenge of singing in a style that is better suited to the perfection of electronic music as opposed to bands. It’s taken lot to consciously focus on being more confident with my voice as a very self conscious person. 

Please tell us about your Sydney live music and community space, Brooklyn @Hibernian

Brooklyn at Hibernian is a space that myself and a few close friends in Sydney have pulled together this year. We took it from concept to delivery in 4 months and are set up to produce amazing audio visual content for artists and live stream and host intimate concerts. We’ve had the backing and support of Moshcam and Young Henry to make this happen and are really excited about the artists that we’ve had in and the ones we have booked in the next few months. We want to showcase great music and I am lead curator for the project so if you’ve got any acts you’d love to see please get in touch. 

What do you like to do away from music?

Whether it’s for music or just old fashioned fun I travel a lot. I have managed to visit and play shows in some amazing places including Tokyo, Moscow, Singapore and Hong Kong and plan to make sure I tick off a lot more Australian shows across all states next year. 

How did you first start playing music?

I played a lot of music in high school and ended up in a Melbourne band called the Complimentary Headsets. We played for a long time and had an amazing time doing it, getting to support some great Aussie acts including British India and Gypsy & the Cat. I also was DJing at this time and played most of Melbourne’s venues even ending up a ministry of sound tour which is how my love of dance music really started. 

How did Feather Touch come about?

Feather touch really brought my song writing and DJing passions together in one place. I’d been writting music for a while but hadn’t found a sound. With the songs I’ve put out as Feather Touch a dancy tropical feel was key but so was the use of live instraments and samples. I also wanted to atone for some pretty bad lyrics in my early band days so wanted to have something to say. I’m really proud of the songs that I’ve got out now can’t wait to unleash the songs I’ve got ready to go for 2019.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Sparrows is an amazing artist out of Sydney who’s song “Over & Out” has been on repeat most of this year. Billy Fox is a jaw dropping voice that we hosted at Brookly at Hibernian early this year and has an amazing catalogue of music. Pinkish Blu were my pick of BIGSOUND this year and have been putting out the most lush moody pop rock. Kult Kyss are my idols and their set on the set was a glimpse into the amaing things they’ve been doing for a while now.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

In Surry Hills I am spoilt for choice but some favourites are the Dove and Olive for it’s huge beer selection, the Dock in Red Fern for it’s Monday night sea shantys singalongs and Tokyo Bird for its authentic Japanese setting for amazing cocktails and whiskey.


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