What is your name and role within FDVM?

Hey, we are Florent and Victorien.

Florent is mostly in charge of the music selection for our live sets and Supernatural Podcasts. He also spends a lot of time working on the booking side.

Victorien is taking care of the music production and the communication.

Where are you currently based?

Florent is based in Lille (France) and Victorien is based in New York City (USA)

Your new track ‘Love Again’, is out now via disco:wax.   What influenced the sound and songwriting for ‘Love Again’ ?

After our latest single, “Make it Right” we wanted to produce something with a little more of a House approach. While keeping our identity with a poetic and inspiring message mixed with acoustic instruments, we went for something more powerful. For the story and songwriting, it’s mostly life experiences and real stories that inspired the message we wanted to share.

Where and when did you record the track?

The track was recorded over the summer, some parts have been recorded in London and the rest was done in Victorien’s studio in NYC.

How do your songs usually come to life?

There are many ways. The one we love the most is when we get to discover a new artist ourselves and build a song directly with him/her. Spending time in the studio with other artists is always a magical moment where creativity flows and new ideas come.

What equipment / programs do you use?

We use Ableton. Victorien has a home studio where he has a nice set up with great acoustics. We own some instruments but mostly use plug-ins and we work with artists for anything particular. While on the road, we just use our laptop and headphones, it’s very simple but efficient enough. At least, for the first stages of the production.

You have toured globally across the likes of Burning Man Festival playing the Carl Cox stage along with upcoming shows in New York this NYE alongside Claptone.   What are the greatest challenges of touring?

While touring, the greatest challenges are mostly towards health. It’s our priority. We always make sure we have a balance between mind and body. A healthy mind helps to navigate the daily challenges and a healthy body allows us the perform at our best. And obviously food is key in that challenge, so we do our best.

How do you prepare for each show?

Each show is special. Each performance is different.

We have our main track-list but we adapt it a lot according to the space and the crowd. It’s something that is constantly evolving and very exciting.

Your previous track ‘Make It Right’ has hit over 13 million streams, what do you attribute to this track being such a hit?

“Make it Right” happens to perform really well indeed. The success, for what we heard, seems to be around 2 main attributes. First, the vibe. With a very summer sound and a beautiful whistle, it happens to stay in the listeners’s head and make them feels good. On the other hand, there is a strong and beautiful message in it that resonates with most people.

Oh and also, Tyler’s delightful voice obviously !

You’ve also played massive shows across festivals such as Coachella and Mysteryland, what have been the biggest show highlights for the year 2017?

in 2017, a highlight, so far, is La Clairière in Paris when we performed after Lost Frequencies. It was a magical moment and an honor to play after him.

What and who influences your sound?

We are looking in the old and the new music. We are inspired from many many genres of music. From Disco to Folk.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Florent : At the moment, i’m listening a lot of mixes from Purple Disco Machine.

Victorien : I listen to a lost of world music. No specific artists. But in our style, I would say that I listen a lot to Bakermat.

What do you have planned for 2018?

Many shows in Europe and US and we are planning on releasing another track before the summer.

How did you first start playing music?

We met in the north of France around 10 years ago. We were both already into music a lot but that’s when we decided to create something together. At first, we were just throwing our own events in our hometown, Lille, and it went really well !

When and where are you playing next?

Florent is going to be super busy at the beginning of the year in France.

Victorien on his side is performing with Claptone for NYE in New York and has a few shows. Mostly Daybreaker events, a morning dance movement that we happen to become part of. It might be surprising to most people but these are some of the best parties in the world!

Favorite food and place to hangout?

Florent : Like any good French, I love to eat cold cuts, cheese with bread and a good glass of wine at home with some friends 🙂

Victorien : My favorite dish is Pasta Pesto Brocoli, a special of mine that I got to master in the last year 😉 To hang out, I love to be at my home or at my friends places, I love intimate and cosy places.


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