Enter Shikari announce anticipated new album ‘The Spark’

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Out Friday September 22 on Play It Again Sam
via [PIAS]

Listen to first single “Live Outside” now

Last night Enter Shikari announced the release of highly anticipated new album The Spark on Friday September 22 on Play It Again Sam via [PIAS], with a surprise show for fans in London and a reveal of the first single “Live Outside” as Hottest Record In The World on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show.

The Spark is an ambitious, inspiring piece of work that poignantly reflects their legendary career rise to have become one of the biggest and most exciting bands the UK has ever seen. Following FOUR seminal albums of which three have been Top 10 in the UK, The Spark is produced by David Kosten (Everything EverythingBat For Lashes), and is Shikari’s most melodic and personal album to date; a soundtrack to our tumultuous world, a record for everyone who’s filled with frustration but hasn’t lost the capacity for hope.

The spark is a new connection, a new beginning,” says maverick frontman Rou Reynolds. “It can be short and insignificant, but it can create something so significant. The spark is that light at the end of the tunnel – when everything seems to be falling apart, but you’re able to see some sort of path out of the dark.

In 2015, the ground started to fall from under Reynolds’ feet. He had been having occasional panic attacks for years, but hadn’t put a name to the problem until that brutal summer. Frayed by touring and heavy professional expectations, he started self-medicating, which backfired massively.

The world was also spinning on its axis. Brexit. Trump. Terrorism. The steady dismantling of the NHS. The biting effects of austerity. The kind of social issues that have been Enter Shikari’s lifeblood for almost a decade now.

Enter Shikari
The Spark

  1. The Spark
    2. The Sights
    3. Live Outside
    4. Take My Country Back
    5. Airfield
    6. Rabble Rouser
    7. Shinrin-yoku
    8. Undercover Agents
    9. The Revolt Of The Atoms
    10. An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces (in two movements)
    11. The Embers

The Spark by Enter Shikari is out Friday September 22
on Play It Again Sam via [PIAS] Pre-order it now: 


Featured Photo Credit :  Jennifer McCord

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