Emerson Snowe

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Emerson Snowe
Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?
I am currently living in Brisbane,  I have to admit I have been a bit out of place there at the moment. Of what I can tell – the music scene seems to have been slowly forming a strong dream pop sense, which isn’t a bad thing at all. A lot of friends have new projects and that’s an important thing to do.
How did you first start playing music and what brought you to this point in your career?
I started playing at a young age, I took high school bands way too seriously. I’ve eased off a lot now on putting pressure on myself, but I’m glad I’ve gone through certain experiences with my other band (The Creases), I learned a lot about how to interact with people, touring and writing. I was doing Snowe before the band, and it got to a point where I had to do my stuff again, now that I had a clearer image of what I wanted to do. As soon as I started performing again, I appreciated the band a lot more and could see where we were as a whole. It’s important to be able to see other aspects of life rather than feeling constricted to one thing. Love them boys.
You’ve just released your single ‘Sunlight’ what influenced the sound and songwriting for this track?
It was written in 10 minutes – at the time I had just stopped alcohol and I was writing a track a day in a diary form. This is a track that came out when I was listening to Stereo Total and Yo La Tengo.
Where and when did you record and who with?
I did the demo in my room – then I had the opportunity to record in a great studio so I did it with my friend Konstantin Kersting who produced it. I played everything on the track and it was a cool experience. Having no one to tell me what to do – we strongly bounced ideas off each other. In terms of the structure, it didn’t change at all from the original demo. 
It was recorded in two studios in Brisbane, one where I recorded drums, grand piano and organs, and the other where I recorded synths and bass. 
You’ve released Sunlight via Liberation Records, how did this come about?
I work with liberation with the Creases. I didn’t think liberation would be interested in my music and I definitely didn’t push it their way. 
I got a call from them saying they’d be keen for me to record a few of my demos in a decent studio. So I took it up and did it. It was too good of an opportunity to not do.
You’re playing a headline show in London at the Shacklewell Arms on July 18, what can we expect from this show?
Man, I’m so excited and nervous for it. 
This will be the first time having a full live band with me onstage – I haven’t met them yet but we have met through the internet and basically, I pieced together these 5 individuals and now they’re rehearsing while I’ve been in Paris. There was a tour that Ariel Pink did in Australia where he had a different band in each city – that’s pretty extreme, but I figured I might as well try out a band set up for these songs. Just to do it – I literally don’t have anything to lose.
What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?
Touring in Australia late this year and an EP released at the start of next – a few more singles will come out by the end of the year too. As I write this I’m on a train from Paris to London, So I’ve kind of just been taking everything as it comes. I’m happy about what’s been happening. I’m worried about coming to Australia as I feel a bit out of place with the music and art side- but whatever happens, happens. I think maybe I’ve isolated myself mentally a fair bit. 
What do you like to do outside of music?
My art and music is pretty much the same deal together – when I’m not writing, I’m usually selling my art so I can live.
Who are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been listening to an album called ‘Strange Geometry’ by a band The Clientele’.
Favorite food and place to hang out?
I like diners and I love dumplings. I went to a restaurant in Paris and ordered dumplings – but they came out as dim sims. I really don’t enjoy dim sims, but what could I do
Purchase/ Listen to “Sunlight” here – http://smarturl.it/ES_Sunlight

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