Ella Grace Shares Atmospheric Offering ‘Here We Are Again’

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Ella Grace Shares Atmospheric Offering ‘Here We Are Again’ Released 6th October

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Indie folk artist Ella Grace has announced the release of her brand new single Here We Are Again, telling of a love lost to depression and the journey onward from that space.

Using music to sooth and heal, Ella writes as if the future of this lost love were the present. A story of love in her twenties and the attempt to cope with mental health struggles, heartache, and personal growth at such a young age.

Discussing the inspiration for her music, Ella states: “I think sometimes we have to let go of love, and not always because the love is lost, sometimes it’s because the people in it have lost themselves”.

The bass that underpins the hypnotic soundscape of natural elements takes us on a journey through this relationship; past, present and future. Ella discusses why she believes there is importance to building a unique soundscape around her music.

“It’s really important to me that when we go into the studio to build the track, we build it in-keeping with the energy that the song was written in. In Here We Are Again we used the sounds of birds that we recorded from the wall of the cottage I grew up in, a place I spent a lot of time during this period of my life. There are so many subtle elements in all of my songs that make them meaningful to me, and I have a feeling that people, maybe without even realizing it, are left feeling my music pretty deeply because of this”.

With impressive streaming figures, a large social media following and tour plans in the works, Ella’s prowess in song writing is sure to attract further acclaim in the coming months.

Ella Grace’s new single Here We Are Again is released 6th October and will be available on all platforms.


Featured Photo Credit :  Bella Kotak

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