Elektro Guzzi

by the partae

What is your name?

Elektro Guzzi,

Bernhard Hammer, Jakob Schneidewind, Bernhard Breuer.

Where are you currently based?


You’ve started your own label “Palazzo” why did you choose to start own label?

We have a lot of material and ideas for releases, so we thought to do an own label could allow us  much faster and intuitiv releases as there is no lead time like it is normally on other labels.But we still want to continue the work with other labels.

What did you find most challenging about starting Palazzo?

to organize the structure around it. (homepage, distribution, artwork, promo….) but on the other hand it´s all our decision, which is good for the band.

What can we expect to be released from Palazzo?

trough, intuitiv releases in different formats. it should also work as a platform for collaborations with other musicians and visual artists.

Who and and what influences your sound?

hard to tell…. but in the beginning it was techno like old detroid stuff, basic channel and dub music. nowerdays it comes from all different sides like african music, cuban music, also noise and experimental music.

Youur first release “Achse Dachse” will be out in the end of this month!  Elektro Guzzi – Achse Dachse, Digital & Limited Cassette, release date: October 27, 2017, when and where did you record / produce?

we recorded and mixed it in our own studio. it was a 40 minutes session out if which we did the 5 cuts for the album. on cassette we will release the whole set.

What equipment and programs do you use?

for recording we use our equipment which we also use live with our instruments and many stompboxes. for this recording we also used some syths which we played live. for the mixing we use mostly abelton live with plug ins and outboard effects like reverbs delays and compression.

Image credit :   FLAVIEN PRIOREAU

How did you get into music?

everyone in the band started to make music very early and later we studied our instruments. beside that we always played in different bands from punk to free jazz or hip hop…

When and where was your first show?

our first show was at a small place in vienna called rhiz.

How was the experience?

it was very good to play  live as we had a very long rehearsal period. it took us 2 years to develope our aproach to play techno with our instruments. it worked well but we also knew that  it will need more work:-)

You are having the premier of your A/V live-show at the end of this October, how will you prepare?

our music will be not so much different to our live set now but we try to exchange ideas with the guys who to the visuals and try to connect it with our music.

Can you give us a  little glimpse into what we can expect?

the visuals will work in many different layers, as there will be projection in front of us, behind us and with fog also inbetween us. we try to create a very dark and trippy one hour set in which you can get lost.

You’re currently working on a follow-up to the Parade EP working with the trombone section again to produce a full-length album for next year…  What sound/vibe are you aiming for?  

the idea with 3 trombones is to see these instruments as additional „human synthesizer“. we feel our approach to making music also as a modular synthesizer which has 3 oszilators. so the trombones should also work like an oszilator. after the EP which was created in a live- rehearsing situation we try to go much deeper into the sound possibilities of these instruments with the LP. we are really looking forward to start the compositions and the recording process.

Please describe your recording process when it comes to working/collaborating with other musicians?

its always very intuitiv. in the beginning there is an idea why want to colloberate but when it comes to the first contact with other musicians we try to be very open and intuitiv. that leads to many different results as we did collabs with for example cristian vogel, rocketnumbernine, 3 cuban drummers, a barock ensemble and also collabs with dancers and actors.

Do you present the written music or work on it when entering the studio?

both. we try to be well prepared with the material we want to record but when it comes to the recording process we want to be also open for improvisation and interaction which is a main part of our general concept of making music together and to see it also as a social idea.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

at the moment i´m listening a lot to terry riley

Favourite show of the year and why?

sleaford mods in vienna: rough, provocativ, fun and great stage apperance

When and where will you be playing next?

our next show will be the presentation of our audiovisual project at konzerthaus vienna. after that we go to warsaw and then for a tour to mid and south america.

Favourite food and place to hang out?

 italy! we love to be there. we have a great booking agent there who always gives the best tips for restaurants.




Featured Photo Credit : Klaus Pichler


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