Electronic Producer Orches Drops Powerful New Single ‘Better Way’

by the partae

Jordan Donnelly – producer and vocalist otherwise known as Orches (Or – K – ess) – is proud to release his latest single, Better Way.The track is the third single from his forthcoming hard hitting six track EP titled Heavy Weight.

The EP is scheduled for release in June. From the get go, Better Way displays lush and evolving guitar and synth craftsmanship that weave between a solid glitched industrial beat. Donnelly’s vocal range shines in the hook of the chorus which provokes you to sing along or dive into the meaning a little deeper.

The lyrics reflect on the constant influx of social topics that dominate the media space, drawing us in and compelling us to react instantaneously.

The producer adds:”Music and media are so similar in that we have immediate access, we are so responsive yet we dispose of content so rapidly. Better Way is a reminder to scratch beneath the surface. Listen with more intent and absorb information from a variety of sources”. Live shows to be announced soon.

Dense synthesized textures and energetic rhythmic layers result in the dramatic songwriting of Melbourne producer Orches.

Drawing on his knowledge as a pianist and a deep passion for Electronic music, Orches is a platform that showcases Jordan Donnelly’s love for blending digital with analogue, sophistication against simplicity, meaningful lyrics and a dynamic vocal presence.

From the debut EP in 2015, Orches’ single Denial gained considerable public interest. A rant about political ignorance, the track gained consistent airplay on Triple J, and caught the interest of local and overseas music writers. It also scored Orches an invitation to perform to a full house for the opening of Telstra’s Discovery Store in Bourke Street Mall.

With three singles and an EP behind him, 2016 saw Orches perform regularly in Sydney and Melbourne headlining local venues such as Revolver Upstairs and The Worker’s Club, and supported local acts such as Evangeline and Passerine, among others.

In 2018, Purple Sneakers blog stated the second single, ‘1999’ as “One of the most interesting listens of 2018 so far”. Orches’ return received a positive response from fans as the new material and a fresh live set reveals a bolder and punchier sound reminiscent of artists such as Caribou, LCD Soundsystem and Nick Murphy.

EP number two, aptly titled, Heavy Weight is the result of Donnelly holding the reigns on all aspects of writing and recording, as well as the engineering process. Stay tuned for the full EP release date.



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