EDWIN OOSTERWAL Delivers Two Jacking Grooves On BLEEP EP Rejected – 065

by the partae
Bleep EP
Running the formidable Rejected and Green labels alongside Joris Voorn, Edwin Oosterwal is a key figure in the Dutch house and techno scene. He’s also been a DJ and producer for many years, releasing most of his deep grooves on Rejected and DJing at most of Holland’s key clubs and festivals and beyond. He recently played alongside Joris at the launch of his Spectrum concept at Amsterdam’s De Marktkantine and now returns to Rejected following last year’s well-received Vamp EP.
Bleep signals its intent from the off, with a distorted analog drum groove crunching away as an old skool bleep riff slowly comes into frame. The track heads into a Dance Mania style jacking house direction as the claps switch to the on-beat and the bleeps glide and sustain into manic intensity. Throbbing toms punctuate the percussion, with the claps playing out a retro techno pattern in the breakdown and all manner of mayhem ensuing when we drop back into the beat. There’s a little of the Daft Punk-era Homework about this one, with that reverence to the Chicago dons that they also paid homage to plain for all to hear.
Babe is a more melodic affair, but one that still harks back to the good ol’ days of classic house music. A succinct, peppy percussive groove drives forward under chunky monotone bass and swirling chord stabs, interspersed by a big snare-roll filled build and drop. A frenzied female vocal sample and splashy cymbal rides pick up the intensity further, and the result is a hypnotic and propulsive slice of dancefloor action.
Already getting heavy support from Joris (in his Spectrum radio show) and Benny Rodrigues and receiving a play on Danny Howard’s BBC Radio 1 show, these two are thoroughly tried and tested.
Edwin Oosterwal ‘Bleep’ is released via Rejected on May 19. 
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