Drastic Park + Analogue Hope + Wolf & Chain + Clay J Gladstone – April 1, 2021Workers Club Melbourne

by the partae
Drastic Park + Analogue Hope + Wolf & Chain + Clay J Gladstone - April 1, 2021 Workers Club Melbourne

Photography & Words: Darren Chan

Analogue Hope kicked the night into gear at The Workers Club, the second date on the Wolfstone Park tour. With their unique pop punk style, they passionately delivered their upbeat riff heavy songs which earned the crowd’s respect.

Wolf & Chain is the epitome of emo punk – their high energy and animated stage presence was spearheaded by frontman Jack Cumes. Singing with such emotional intensity mixed with theatrics, this was a band no one could ignore.
Clay J Gladstone added an element of fun to the night delivering their hard-hitting but catchy songs. They pumped the crowd into chanting “F**k Drastic Park!” before Drastic Park hit the stage. The three piece punk rock band started with “Nostalgia” to the crowd’s delight. Jack Cumes jumped up later as guest vocalist on “Work of Art”  which was originally recorded with Cassie Sutton. The band ripped through their setlist including “I’m Trouble”, “Murphy’s Law”, and “Little Things”. The crowd moshed in unison as the room reached a sweat inducing temperature to match the energy and intensity of the night.

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