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Multi-Platinum selling Australian DJ and Producer Will Sparks and his management agency, Lucky Ent. have today announced their partnership with alcohol brand, Pure Bay Hard Seltzer as they launch their summer campaign.

A plethora of international and local brands hit the Australian market in 2019 as the hard seltzer trend began to grow but it was Melbourne’s locally brewed product, Pure Bay that caught the eye of Will Sparks and Luke Udorovic from Lucky Ent.

Will Sparks is synonymous with the global electronic dance music scene. He has had a profound impact in the world of dance music and is a pioneer of the “Melbourne Bounce” sub-genre of EDM music. His unique sound has landed him at the top of streaming charts where he has amassed over 500M streams, inside the hottest clubs around the globe, and on the line up at countless international music festivals. He also has a flair for business and an eye for talent.

In the midst of a global pandemic with revenue streams diminishing as live touring both locally and internationally was cancelled, Sparks and his team looked at investment opportunities to create additional income with a strong focus on supporting boutique local businesses in their hometown of Melbourne.

Melbourne’s DJ Generik (Tyson O’Brien) who is one of the original investors of Pure Bay, reached out to Sparks with the business proposition.

I liked the product and the attributes it offered as a healthier alternative to other beverages with less sugar and less calories. It was a good fit with my audience and was authentic to my brand.

It was important for me to invest in a local business, I wanted to give back to a City that was and continues to be hit hard by COVID. Melbourne is a community that has helped build my success in the music industry over the years, so it made sense to find a company I connected with here. I liked the team and their strong work ethic and ambitious drive.” Sparks said.

Pure Bay Hard Seltzer is one of the first independent and locally brewed alcoholic seltzers in Australia, it first launched in 2020 with a sharp focus on delivering a fresh, low calorie beverage offering that didn’t compromise on taste and would appeal to the health conscious.

Pure Bay comes in two all-natural flavours; Grapefruit Yuzu and Lemon Lime. the alcohol is derived from a naturally brewed rice fermentation process which results in a refreshing, crisp, light mouthfeel. The product is gluten free, low in sugar and less than 99 calories per can.

Pure Bay Hard Seltzer is the perfect beverage to enjoy through the spring and summer months promoting a fresh, new start as we emerge out of winter and lockdowns and can begin to enjoy outdoor celebrations and events once again. Sparks will re-commence touring in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane from January 2022.

The brand is currently available nationally through select BWS stores and online at for $22 per four-pack of 330ml cans, which pack 4.3% ABV and 99 calories each.






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