DJ JOHNNY BLAZE – We Run This ISH Out July 31

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Baltimore Club Music has come quite a long way since its birth the late 80s early 90s during a time where it was primarily heard on 92Q and in clubs all over Charm City.  This unique sub-genre loaded with heavy breakbeats and vocal samples managed to bounce its way into clubs worldwide over the past ten or so years.

While many DJs were quick to ride the wave by spinning whatever tracks they could get their hands on, others attempted to create their own. Very few were unable to replicate the sound in the same fashion as those who originated it. Johnny Blaze, a pioneer and well-respected DJ within the local club scene, took notice as outsider club DJ s began spinning what they called B’more club music.

As a veteran DJ with over fifteen years in the music industry, Blaze knew otherwise.  In response, he decided to release a new album aptly titled, “We Run This ISH,” a project that he considers to be the start of a movement where he reminds the world of what real B’more club sounds like. Eager to get the party started, Blaze shares the first single off the project, “Blaze And The Revolution,” for fans and newcomers to dance to.

“We Run This ISH,” will be hitting digital music stores 07/31/17.



With over 15 years in the music industry and a pioneer in the Baltimore Club Music scene, DJ Jonny Blaze helped Baltimore Club Music make its way out of Baltimore and into clubs across the country. Known for his many club hits like “SpongeBob Square Pants Remix” and “Jump To The Heat”, music fans and writers describe his style as hyper sexual, hyper entertaining and ferocious. Yet, in his own words, he just “formed his own style and got low.” Regardless of how one labels his musical style, paired with his genuine personality, it has kept him in the music business; influencing other artists and continuing to be a part of the evolution of club music.

A West Baltimore native, DJ Jonny Blaze’s love for music started at an early age. His destiny was set in motion when he was able to see great pioneers, Jam Master J and Baltimore legend, Vicious V feverishly mixing and scratching the latest hip hop hits on their turntables and taking their fans on a musical journey they can dance

  1. Their style and ability to please the crowd without being an MC or in a band captured him.

From that point on he would take any opportunity that allowed him to mimic his idols by DJ’ing for middle school and high school parties. After high school, he continued experimenting with electronic, hip-hop and house music beats; collecting whatever sounds he could get a hold of and testing ways he could take the music samples one step further. Once out in the club and party scene, he would take his collection and put his energetic personality into each set. Club owners and other DJs took notice of his style and soon more opportunities were presented to

DJ Jonny Blaze. In 1996, he started his own label, Blaze One Records. Shortly after, he recruited his friends, DJ Xxcel and Ron Rico to his label. His unique style captured others inside and outside the club scene and soon he started to collaborate with DJ K-Swift, The Neptunes, Nafoe and other artists. With his label he also took club music to another level by taking seemingly simple childhood theme songs and fusing booty shaking beats into them.

From this paradoxical formula he produced the hot club hits, “SpongeBob Square Pants Remix”, the “Muppets Music Mix”, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and “Dora the Explorer Mix.” All four hits became top club mixes and still are Internet sensations. Despite the production side of Blaze One Records slowing down, DJ Jonny Blaze is still hitting the club scenes with fresh tracks.

In 2009, he struck clubs with the “Good Girls Remix” and “20 Minute Meltdown” mixes; giving the crowd upcoming hits with a Jonny Blaze spin. Even before his short incarceration in early 2010, he was able to produce a few tracks to insure he would be heard even when he was not able to make music, In the past 15 years the music industry has changed over the years but with change brings new opportunity.

DJ Jonny Blaze continues to seize these opportunities by pushing Baltimore Club Music to different levels. He continues work with DJ Sterofaith on “The Heat” collaborations, adding more Electronica into Baltimore Club mixes. His newest project involves Christian Club Music; bringing a fresh spin to contemporary gospel music.

With partners DJ Xxcel, DJ Ron Rico, Nafoe, 695ent and God by his side he will continue on to being one of the most prominent DJ’s in Baltimore.




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