Dense & Pika’s label Kneaded Pains

by the partae

Dense & Pika’s label Kneaded Pains has turned heads with releases from the label owners along with music contributions from other heavy weight producers such as  Truncate, Mark Henning, Boys Noize, Flug, Matt Sassari, and Tiga.

Mixed in with this array of established artist has been numerous releases from lesser known talent who have caught Dense & Pika’s attention.

One such fresh talent is DYSART, who before his label debut had only made one other release that featured on Darren Emerson’s Detone.

The success of DYSART’s first Kneaded Pains release lead to an EP on Carl Cox’s Intec, and in the space of only a few months he is back on Kneaded Pains with an anticipated follow up.

DYSART’s “Champion Sound” EP has the same dark mood that fans will have come to expect from his sound. Undeniably techno, the two tracks each have their own flavour, with the title cut having a prominent base hook, and “Freak Like Me” being more rhythmic with mechanical percussion at its core.

Anyone who is into the likes of Drumcode will be all over this, but fans of people like James Ruskin might also find this catches their attention, as it’s also got elements that break away from the mainstream.

The release is out now can be a purchased HERE.

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