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After releasing the first instalment ‘Haiku (Poor Little Humpty)’ in October, veteran Melbourne-based hip-hop artist, rapper and poet Defron is ready to unveil the rest of his 13 track project ‘Maybe You’ll Be Famous When You’re Dead’ available November 16th. Entirely produced by Melbourne newcomer Entelechy, the project contains all original material in the vein of mixtapes from the like of Curren$y, Chance the Rapper, Freddie Gibbs and others.

Following the theme from ‘Haiku’ the concept mixtape explores mental health, fame, fortune, success, mortality and death. The project also ties into his personal journey in being an emcee and fighting for both his mental and personal freedom. One week before the recording process of ‘MYBFWYD’ he was diagnosed with Bornholme Disease, a chest infection which served as a huge hurdle for Defron, which lead to his anxiety and depression resurfacing.


‘It was fitting and poetic that a project about mental health would be impeded by it.’ – Defron

Apart from ‘MYBFWYD’, Defron has found other avenues to express his story such as his TedX Talk ‘You are the hero & villain of your story’ which was released earlier this year in July and conducting hip-hop rap workshops for Royal Children’s Hospital, The Push, Song Room and Humour Foundation Australia. This in turn has highly benefited the community and has contributed to Defron’s ever growing presence in the Australian music industry.

Entelechy not only produced and recorded all 13-tracks to the mixtape at The Cabin, but also created the artwork which depicts Defron in his alter ego, inspired by movie posters for Inside Llweyn Davis and Blade Runner. The project serves as a continuous story that sees Defron fit into his alter ego ‘Donald Duckets’ battling his demons, and was written initially in therapeutic writing sessions while Defron overcame depression. Inspired by novelist Charles Bukowski and his novel ‘Factotum‘ from which MYBFWYD gets its title, the project serves as a continuous story. Defron hopes this story will resonates with his listeners and is for anybody struggling with mental health, especially artists who obsess over the idea of success being defined by fortune and fame. Find the track list for the highly anticipated project below.



  1. Almost Welcome
  2. 1:11
  3. Factotum
  4. Good Night Seattle
  5. Mallrats
  6. Egypt Land (Frye’s Lament)
  7. Kiddo
  8. Plot is Missing
  9. Haiku (Poor Lil’ Humpty)
  10. Dis Side
  11. Of Mice and Men
  12. Yogi’s Advice
  13. Be Kinder [Skit]  ||


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