De Lux announce new album ‘More Disco Songs About Love’

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“Flashes of the Talking Heads and New Order flood together with more conventional dance groups like Chic to form a fully formed and remarkably rich LP. “
The 405

“[Debut album] Voyage is too clever, almost supercilious in its mastery of the form. It is intricate, witty, inventive, dazzling in its detail, with melodies spiralling off of other melodies and little curlicues that lesser outfits would use as the basis for entire songs.”
The Guardian

“…bringing back twinkling 80s avant-pop in a big way.”

Today, De Lux revealed their new dancefloor-worthy single entitled “875 Dollars“. It is the debut single off their forthcoming album More Disco Songs About Love out Friday, January 19 2018on Innovative Leisure via Inertia Music.


When talking about the track the duo say, “‘875 Dollars’ is about the amount of rent Sean would have to pay to keep his childhood home if his parents decided to move. And split it with 3 other friends.  This track was the first one we finished, and led to us finding a direction to finish the album. This is our first album where we didn’t completely mix everything.  Patrick Mundy mixed ‘875 Dollars’ and ‘Writing Music For Money…’.  Which was a total learning experience.  It gave us the confidence to try and match what he did. Essentially using our own songs as reference mixes.

After establishing a sound on their debut Voyage and then establishing an identity with the revelatory Generation, L.A. disco-not-disco duo De Lux took a moment to re-centre and come back leaner, sharper, clearer and deeper on the new record. Now that co-founders Sean Guerinand Isaac Franco know how to play and what to say, they’re ready to just get lost in the music. As the band puts it: “We like to say ‘Voyage’ was our baby, ‘Generation’ was our baby all grown up and ‘More Disco Songs About Love’ thinks growing up sucks and just wants to party smart.

Like VoyageMore Disco Songs About Love starts with the song that made everything clear: “875 Dollars”, a song (in part) about losing the place you’ve always called home. From there it’s a stream-of-consciousness tour through De Lux’s reality, from the family and friends who helped focus the sound of the album to everyday L.A. experiences, including but not limited to elections, evictions, even porn—although in the context you’d least expect, of course. New York City dance-punk legend Sal P. of Liquid Liquid—who did a De Lux remix on their first-ever release—takes featured vocals on the relentless “Smarter Harder Darker” and the Pop Group’s maniacal Mark Stewart pushes “Stratosphere Girl” into interstellar overdrive.

The album is video game inspired.  But more in its production and fresh perspective in another art form.  We forgot what it meant to be listeners of music and having an objective viewpoint when writing. But with video games, we know what we want from game companies. Whether they didn’t add multiplayer or maybe focused too much on graphics.  We applied the same logic with writing.  Asking friends and family their honest opinions and their take on what they really want to hear in most of these songs.  This gave us a push to really strive to seek a good balance of not destroying our artist dignity while accepting harsh criticism and working at that.  You could say we had our own sort of team of producers.

Sean was listening to a ton of Stevie Wonder during the writing process.  The album focuses a lot on bringing melody through the vocals mainly and letting the rhythm section guide you along.  One night we went to Del Taco, and Michael Jackson was on the radio.  Isaac realized that his rhythm section or drums continued on one path very consistently without really changing. No fills or nothing. We took a bit of that approach on a lot of these songs.”

The album title is a joke.

There’s a Super Smash Brothers Melee sample in one of the songs, not telling which one.

Sean’s mom talks about making Crepes in french on ‘Music Snob’.

De Lux

More Disco Songs About Love

  1. 875 Dollars
    2. These Are Some Of The Things That I Think About
    3. Smarter Harder Darker (feat. Sal P)
    4. Cause For Concern
    5. Writing Music For Money, To Write More Music
    6. Keyboards Cause We’re Black and White
    7. Music Snob
    8. Guys Just Want To Have Pleasure
    9. Stratosphere Girl (feat. Mark Stewart)
    10. Poorn In The Nightmare

More Disco Songs About Love by De Lux is out Friday, January 18 on Innovative Leisure via Inertia Music Get “875 Dollars” here:


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