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Where are you currently based?

Im based in Cologne, Germany the beautiful city which drilled it´s town’s landmark through a concrete square. We in Cologne called it the “Dom“. Home is where the Dom is.

Please tell us about the video that your working on for “What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?”  Lyrics by JEWLS, Model Inga Klaassen, Video No Drama. https://instagram.com/p/BVZiROfAOBS////  How did this come about?

The song was already finished when I saw Inga (actress and model in our video) in Big Ballermike´s video „Living the Dream“. We knew each other already because she is the Girlfriend of Christian Destroy an old friend of mine and the producer and host of the mighty Aethervox Ehrenfeld Podcast. I don’t care much about modeling and for me most of theese Instagram Girls look the same but with Inga it was different. She had this intense look in her eyes and this little extra something about her, style and here mere presence so I instantly knew I had to make a video with her. I knew Kamil & Stefan (No Drama) for a while and it didn´t take much time to win them over for the project..

What is your role in the video?

First of all I needed to relocate that this herd of cats from Cologne to a friends house in the middle of nowhere near the dutch border. Then my job was to keep the beer cold and protect us from a big bull, it was mating season by the way, on the hayfield where we shot a scene. I also needed to make sure, that everybody would not be hammered to early as we had a tight schedule. The house had an integrated bar with tons of booze, probably not the best place for the first scene we shot. Ultimately everything worked out fine and we shot some really beautiful scenes. Big thank you goes out to Alex, Christian, Jewls, Inga, Anja, Stefan and Kamil.

Your also working with Dantze’s Nicone on a new record that will feature tracks from Cologne artists and Berlin artists. You’ll do split release parties in booth cities // How did you come to collaborate with Nicone? When can we expect this release?

I have been working with Lexy aka Niconé for a while now. I can’t even remember how it started but I know he has a good taste in music and he is not one of those guys who modeled his career after a business plan. In this context that means that I couldn’t tell when this release would happen but everything we planned did work out and we are collaborating now since ages without contracts and all this stuff. He is a man of his word and great to work with.

Also your working with Nicone on a remix for tim engelhardt ?  

Tim is a really talented guy who´s finally the attention he deserves. He did his first remix for me when he was 15 and even back then one could recognize that he is not just one of these kids with a laptop and a ripped ableton version who just wants to be famous. These days I ask Tim for help whenever I have problems with audio devices or settings and it makes me happy to watch him going places every day. I’m also happy that we still find time to create some original music together, for example our latest track ´Sol´. https://soundcloud.com/lostdiaries/ld005-david-hasert-tim-engelhardt-sol . Im happy that I honored to remix Tim´s beautiful original track `Solitude´ and with Niconé I have the right partner on board who can touch an original track the way it deserves to be. Hopefully it’ill be out soon.

on your very own label LIKE Records a new compilation will come out,

Its out now, you can get it here: www.beatport.com/release/party-like-its-1991/2064375

A few weeks ago you played in the Hamptons , Parookaville, & Katzensprung Festival, the next festival will be at Pangea festival. You’re nearly always touring, how do you manage this lifestyle? What are the pro’s and con’s of playing so many shows? What is one of your favorite shows to date? And why?

I’m definitely not a fan of going on the road. It makes me sad to visit a nice place and you have to leave in 24 hours or less. I think its a privilege when you can do your own thing and make a living with doing what you love to do. Overall I don’t have a favorite place. I like interesting spots, good food and nice people, i mean what’s not to like. You can find those everywhere.

Why did you start LIKE Records?  

Because nobody wanted to release my track „You can´t put your arms around a melody“

What are the greatest challenges of running your own label?

There is no challenge. It’s freedom not to depend or to have to rely on other labels who might just be following trends. Also It’s great to avoid conflict with assholes.

How did you get into music?

Early I listened to classical tunes out of my family’s collection, later on then punk rock and also hip-hop influenced me big way which ultimately led me to electronic music aka Techno and minimal once I moved to Cologne

Top 3 icons?

Andrew Weatherall, the original Misfits, James Holden.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Son Lux´s Easy is on repeat since a couple of days. Love the vocoder and the unorthodox arrangement.

Favorite food and place to hangout?

Café Spatz in Cologne for food and for music i prefer Reineke Fuchs.

Featured Photo Credit :   Heide Prange






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