The Cuckoos – A Little Bit Funky – Watch The Video / Mini Album Out Nov 24th

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The Cuckoos – A Little Bit Funky – Watch The Video / Mini Album Out Nov 24th

Hip young dudes who mine the late sixties acid rock scene for inspiration, but sound so authentic you’ll think you’re having a flashback. Spectacular.” – CLASSIC ROCK 

Hailing from Austin, Texas, neo-Psych Rock crew THE CUCKOOS release their new single ‘A Little Bit Funky’, taken from their forthcoming eponymous mini-album released via Republic Of Music on November 24th. 

Inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, ALBF came about from a riff singer Kenneth Frost came up with late one night, figuring that “any good funk song should have the word funk in it”. A psychedelic 80s style video, premiered yesterday by Surviving The Golden Age can be seen here: 

Imagine The Doors, Joy Division, and Rick James writing songs with Tame Impala to begin to get the picture. The Cuckoos are carving their own path though, hungry to become more than the sum-total of the music that has inspired them and to diligently add new elements that will inspire others. 

“We just want to make music that makes people feel good and feel bad,” Frost says. “We just want them to feel something, something that’s passionate and honest.” 

The Cuckoos are Kenneth Frost, Dave North, Eric Ross and Cole Koenning.

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