SO.CRATES, NELSON DIALECT & ALNITAK KID announce Sunset Cities Share new single ‘Black Tapes’ Announce Melbourne launch

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Sunset Cities is a new musical project created to explore this and many other questions concerning one’s own presence, spiritual essence, belief, love, and mindfulness while in rotation around the life light. The group is comprised of two emcees and two producers; four human perspectives judging the light and the dark of life, maneuvering between the two while the fundamentals of hip-hop culture and psychedelic soul simmer on the coasts of South Australia.
Last year in Adelaide over a plate of Ethiopian food, MC’s Nelson Dialect and Cazeaux O.S.L.O. crafted the basic principles for waxing poetic over two distinct sonic dimensions – a record made up of two sides, the first produced by Melbourne beatmaker Skomes (known for his work with Caseaux O.S.L.O under the moniker SO.Crates) and the second by Adelaide resident Alnitak Kid. The record follows the cycle of the sun, no beginnings and no endings, just answers to this and many other questions using the voice, the drum and the body electric.
Today they have shared their first single from the project ‘Black Tapes’ and announced they’ve signed toBedroom Suck Records. Some words on the track can be found below:
“As a kid VHS tapes were my campfire, my elder scroll, my suburban electric prophecy. I like to think of this tune as a Neo-spiritual both celebrating and lamenting the deep impact technology has on the state of our innocence.” – Cazeaux O.S.L.O (MC, SO.Crates)
“As the youngest of four brothers who were all 80’s kids, I definitely was given the hand me down VHS tapes from this era. It was fun in the song to reflect on these black rectangle time capsules that captured a lot of my imagination and different exposure to music, sport, film and art. Black Tapes and chill for 2019.” – Nelson Dialect 
Catch SO.Crates, Nelson Dialect and Alnitak Kid performing ‘Sunset Cities’ on Friday, November 23 at Howler. Tickets HERE

You can also see them live in support of Kamaal Williams on Friday, November 16 at The Corner Hotel.

Purchase / Stream ‘Black Tapes’

SO.Crates, Nelson Dialect and Alnitak Kid – ‘Black Tapes’ is out now via Bedroom Suck / Remote Control

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