Crash Land returns with second release of 2017 on STMPD RCRDS

by the partae
Crash Land

Having garnered success with over 2 million streams worldwide of its self titled debut single ‘Crash Land’ earlier this year, this emerging and enigmatic artist now presents its second musical offering in the form of ‘Time Warp’ set for release on STMPD RCRDS on Friday 27th October.

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‘Time Warp’ tells the story of an all encompassing love and desire that knows no boundaries of time or place. The track opens with a wave of soft, lightly synthesised instrumentals that carry throughout and compliments the contrasting vocal. A soft kick drum bass and shortened, sharp drum sequence build to the drop which awakens the senses and immerses the listener right back into the soft melody of the track. The clean sound that has emerged from this arrangement creates a futuristic vibe and brings a fresh interpretation of hip hop.

As STMPD RCRDS has demonstrated with its signing of Crash Land there is a strong desire for the label to support different musical genres and offer a diverse array of music through its imprint. As the mystery surrounding Crash Land continues one thing is certain, there is more to come.



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