Cosmo Sheldrake announces debut album ‘The Much Much How How and I’

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COSMO SHELDRAKE ANNOUNCES DEBUT ALBUM THE MUCH MUCH HOW HOW AND I Out April 6 on Transgressive Records Shares music video for single “Come Along”

Cosmo Sheldrake, the prodigiously talented and profoundly unique singer, songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from London, has announced details of his debut album The Much Much How How and I out April 6, 2018 on Transgressive Records via [PIAS].

The news is shared alongside the music video for current single “Come Along” – the first to be taken from the record.

Discussing the surreal visual accompaniment, Cosmo offered the following:

The video for Come Along, directed by Josh Allott, explores the experience of both having head lice and being a head louse. Microscopic worlds expand and consume the macroscopic world of the large. Human heads become continents, scalps become landscapes, salons become solar systems . Come along now.

The Much Much How How and I was written under the influence of a diverse group of musicians – ranging from The Beatles and The Kinks to Moondog and Stravinsky – and shaped by Sheldrake’s study of anthropology at the University of Sussex, his longstanding interest in ethnomusicology and a trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Produced by Cosmo Sheldrake and Matthew Herbert (BjörkMica LeviLondon Sinfonietta) and recorded at Soup Studios and Cosmo’s basement, the album will be available on limited edition vinyl, CD and download and is available to pre-order now.

Cosmo Sheldrake
The Much Much How How and I

1. Linger Longer
2. Wriggle
3. Birth a Basket
4. Birthday Suit
5. Come Along
6. Solar Waltz
7. Mind of Rocks (feat. Bunty)
8. Spring Bottom
9. Egg and Soldiers
10. Axolotl
11. Pliocene
12. Linger a While
13. Beetroot Kvass
14. Hocking


Cosmo Sheldrake grew up surrounded by both music and a deep understanding and fascination with the natural world. His father, Rupert Sheldrake, is a biologist who comes from a long line of church organists. His grandmother was a concert pianist and his mother, Jill Purce, inspired a revival of group chant, teaches Mongolian overtone chanting and spent four years working with the avant-garde German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen – which meant that from an early age Sheldrake was introduced to a whole world of unconventional music.

By the age of four he was playing classical piano, at seven he had moved on to playing New Orleans-style blues and boogie-woogie and by 15, he was studying minimalism and using Logic to program drums and beats.

In his teens he composed music for a series of Samuel Beckett plays at the Young Vic and for Relax & Dream, a project which brought bringing soothing music and nature videos to children in hospital and hospices. Throughout his career, Sheldrake has been fascinated by sound collection and field-recordings. In 2013, he gave a TEDx talk entitled Interspecies Collaboration during which he created a symphony of sounds featuring the sun and British birds in collaboration with his own vocal improvisation. In 2017, he composed the soundtrack for Moving Art, a Netflix nature series in which filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg explores the beauty of oceans, forests, deserts and flowers.

The Much Much How How and I by Cosmo Sheldrake is out April 6, 2018
on Transgressive via [PIAS]

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