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by the partae

What has this break from touring and performing taught you about yourselves as a group?

It has made me personally realise how much performing and creating with Cookin’ On 3 Burners is a big part of my musical life. While taking a break is a great way to look at things with a fresh new approach and also recharge, it has also given me an urgency and drive to get back into the studio and on the stage with Cookin’ On 3 Burners.

‘The World Is Cold’ in itself still feels super relevant – did the original vision match the end result for you?

Yes, the song didn’t have that many twists and turns or rewrites in the composition process. You never really know how the song writing journey will be, sometimes it requires lots of tweaks and changes and other times it almost presents itself. How you hear ‘The World is Cold’ now is pretty much how it came naturally out of Cookin’ On 3 Burners HQ. I wish all songs were like that!

The writing, recording, everything took place in between lockdowns; logistically, how hard was it to put everything together and finish the project?

We were lucky that this track had been conceived quite a while before all lockdowns and the majority of the creative material was down on tape by the time the pandemic hit. That still left lots of parts of the release to be done in-between and during lockdowns. We had many false starts to the filming of our official clip which unfortunately it was never able to proceed. It made us be more inventive and DIY which ended up being quite a bit of fun!

Where’d the idea to incorporate both Mantra and Jane come from – had you worked with them before?

We had worked with Mantra before a number of times live and really enjoyed his energy and creative bent. That led to the idea of working together in the studio with Cookin’ On 3 Burners and is how “The World is Cold” collaboration started. Jane came into the track a little later in the process and it felt like the perfect fit as she had worked extensively before with Mantra as well as Dan (CO3B guitar)

The dynamic between the two is a true highlight – what has been your favourite part about working with these two artists?

Yes, the dynamic between Mantra and Jane is a true highlight. It’s a great blend of sweet and raw, rhythmic and melodic.

What led you to interpolate the Mos Def classic as part of this release?

I had always found Ms. Fat Booty to be such an earworm. Cookin’ On 3 Burners had played it live a few times with Mantra as well as instrumentally and it just felt like a great match to “The World is Cold.” A really strong element of Cookin’ On 3 Burners is about playing live and the interactions between musicians. That element naturally led us to investigate where some of the samples and inspiration for Ms. Fat Booty originated from. To incorporate a nod to the 1965 track One Step Ahead by Aretha Franklin felt like a great way to continue the sample story. A song that was sampled and then returned to the organic form but with influence of its life as a sample.

Can you let fans know if there is more new music coming in the near future?

Yes for sure, we have lots of ideas ‘on the bench’ so to speak and as soon as we can be back into the studio creating, we will see what catches our ears the most. The plan definitely is to be working on another album.

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