CMC$ & Conor Maynard release ‘Understand Me’ (The Remixes) on STMPD RCRDS.

by the partae

A little over three months ago, CMC$ teamed up with English singer-songwriter Conor Maynard for ‘Understand Me’ and today they release Understand Me (The Remixes), available now at all digital service providers.


Bougenvilla, Fannypack, Roses and Slashtaq have all infused the original production with their own distinctive sound. With their unique touches added to the remixes, there is sure to be one for everyone’s liking.
‘Understand Me’ was released on the 16th of June and received some positive reviews with press stating ‘’Maynard’s vocal prowess will definitely send chills down your spine’’ and ‘’the drop and vocals complete each other perfectly’’.
See Me Counting Stacks a.k.a CMC$ is currently one of the fastest rising stars in the dance scene. It was started by Yael as something harmless about four years ago, but his success can no longer be denied. He has already worked with major names behind the scenes and collaborated with DVBBS on the smash hit ‘Not Going Home’ before joining forces with Conor Maynard on ‘Understand Me’.
Understand Me (The Remixes) Track List:
1. Understand Me
2. Understand Me (Bougenvilla Remix)
3. Understand Me (Fannypack Remix)
4. Understand Me (Roses Remix)
5. Understand Me (Slashtaq Remix)
6. Understand Me (Bougenvilla Extended Remix)
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