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30 years of legendary KICK album takes a fresh approach

Sydney, Friday, November 10  –   Optus has partnered with one of Australia’s most iconic bands, INXS, to pay tribute to their award winning album KICK, now in its 30th year.   An album that reverberated around the globe to earn multi-Platinum certifications in Australia, USA, UK and NZ among others, and Diamond in Canada to position INXS as one of Australia’s best rock exports.

To celebrate 2017 INXS anniversaries the band handed over some of their KICK tracks to four talented and creative Australians. Dubbed ‘ReKickers’ they have been tapped to re-interpret tracks from the album in their own special way.   The campaign will follow their journey and create a series highlighting their individual skillsets which include music, extreme sport, dance and mixology.

Big INXS fans, indie pop duo, Client Liaison will be covering the band’s most streamed song, ‘Need You Tonight’; Australian Professional Skateboarder, 17 year old Poppy Starr Olsen is kickflipping her way through ‘Mystify’ on a (Vision Psycho) deck featured on the album cover;  Renowned dancer Maddie Peat gives a moving rendition to ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ and award-winning mixologist Mikey Enright has created a cocktail infusion for ‘Kick’.

Andrew Farris says: “ 30 years on, the KICK album keeps moving around the globe .  Now we can experience it from a different perspective. Rekicked redefines the songs for a new audience, one brought up on streaming, not Walkmans. We’re amped to see what these incredibly talented people do with our tracks from KICK”. 

Poppy Starr launches the campaign – her Mystify Rekick film, sees her skating six iconic locations from the bands early days. Starting on the Northern Beaches, where the band met, her skate tour takes in Avalon, Narrabeen, Paddington, Bondi and more.  Said Poppy, “As a big fan of the eighties, and its music I was honoured to be asked to interpret Mystify in my own way”.

This trip down Australian pub culture history provokes nostalgia for those who remember these famous Sydney venues, but it will also spark a discussion about protecting Sydney’s music scene. Many of these once iconic venues are now shopping centres and apartment blocks, only a handful of the pubs still operate as music venues.  WATCH and  BTS Here.

Maddie Peat –  dancer, interprets Never Tear Us Apart deciding to drill into the emotion of the track with her performance commencing from the cliffs of Whale Beach (where the band first played) towards the ocean, symbolic of the bands roots and where they headed – across the sea to conquer abroad. Watch Here

Mikey Enright – Mixologist, creates a signature cocktail for the album’s title track, Kick.   Mikey met with band member Kirk Pengilly and the two shared annecdotes over the bar of Mikey’s award winning ‘Barbershop’ bar in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Said Enright; “I have never before used stories and sounds and translated them into flavours. This project has pushed my skills to the limits, but I think that the final product is a true representation of the album and when people taste it and hear the story behind it, I hope they’ll agree.”  Watch Here.

Client Liaison will launch next week with Need You Tonight.

The campaign will culminate in a Rekicked party with all four talent at a legendary Sydney venue for a fresh celebration to the now iconic album.   The event will mix live performances across skate and dance and fuse them with an exclusive Client Liaison set. The new Kick cocktail will also be revealed for the first time.

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