Camping Gear You Must Have to Make Sure You Get a Good Night Sleep

by the partae

If you think that sleeping under the stars is easy, then maybe you haven’t camped enough! Getting a good night’s sleep in the wilderness is not as easy as it sounds… Unless you have the right gear. 

It might sound adventurous to lie down in fresh air with the sky as your roof and the ground as your mattress. But the glory fades away as soon as you try to doze off. The sounds of who-knows-what scurrying about, the hard-as-rock bed, and endless loops of what-if situations can make it impossible to get any eye shut. 

However, if you have the right equipment, you can master the art of sleeping outdoors. Add the following gears to your camping list and sleep like you don’t have a care in the world.


  1. A Secure Tent

The tent seems like a must-have item on the camping list. But it is the most neglected gear too. Over the years, we have learned that a good tent saves you from a lot of trouble. Not only does it provide insulation from weather and wild animals, but it also provides tight and secure lodgings.

But what most people do is they try to save bucks when investing in a camping tent—this is where they lose all their sleep. So yes, you might end up with a few dollars more in your pocket, but they will be wasted on sleeping pills once the tent fails to provide appropriate support.

So when you go tent shopping, focus on its size, weight, and height rather than the price tag. Usually, go for a two-person tent as it fits most campsites. Moreover, remember with tall tents, it is easier to change clothes. However, they provide less support and can blow away in windy weather.

  1. Back-Packing Pillow

It’s too easy to leave your pillow behind due to space issues, but it’s also a huge mistake. You no longer need to forgo them as inflatable pillows barely require any space. With their teeny blowup options, you can expand them for full-size comfort once the camp is set up.

In addition, they are very comfortable and can improve your nights in nature dramatically. Moreover, on a multi-night getaway, they are way better than scrunching up a sweatshirt or a stuffed sack behind your head. Instead of waking up with a sore neck the next day, you can sleep tight with these under you.

  1. Sleeping Bag

After the tent itself, a quality sleeping bag is the second priciest item on a pro camper’s list. But, with that being said, it is also one of the most critical gears to have when spending the night with mother nature.

Laying on the ground is indeed good for posture. However, that doesn’t mean every pebble and twig underneath you should bother you. To prevent that, you need to replace those layers of blankets with a good sleeping bag. 

No matter where you’re camping, sleeping bags are much more effective than blankets. Not only do they cover you from unwanted creatures and spiky stuff, but they also reflect and store your body heat.

Lastly, investing in a well-made bag can also help you save space. These modern-day bags can pack down into impressively tiny stuff sacks. So, sleeping bags are an essential camping item and are here to become your all-time sleep companion.

  1. Sleeping Pad

You might think a sleeping bag is enough, but you won’t get nearly good sleep without a sleeping pad. Yes, these two are different things, and for a comfortable slumbering experience, you require both. A sleeping bag covers you up while a pad is there to protect you from the ground leeching up your heat. 

You can say that a pad compliments the bag. It greatly enhances your comfort by cushioning you from rocks and roots, which the sleeping bag fails to do. Moreover, these pads usually come in inflatable form, so they are lightweight and durable. Therefore, you can easily carry them without any hassle. 

Piece of Advice from a Pro Camper

From larger gears like tents to small items like pillows, each gear has its importance. Therefore, don’t leave anything behind to reduce luggage. 

Never prioritise storage above sleep. If you want to enjoy your camping trips, a good night’s sleep is crucial. Keep that in mind while packing your gear.

Summing it up, big adventures and sleepless nights don’t have to go together. But, by investing in the right gear once, you can make all your future camping trips comfortable. 

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