Bully release new single “Running”

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BULLY RELEASE NEW SINGLE “RUNNING” New Album Losing out October 20 on Sub Pop via Inertia Music 

Bully are back with a new album, more powerful and hard hitting than ever. Now on Sub Pop, Losing will be released October 20 via Inertia Music. Off the back of the first single “Feel The Same” which had critics and fans alike raving about its intensity, the band are offering another glimpse into the new album releasing the new song “Running“.

Alicia Bognano explains the meaning behind the song telling us, “Overall, Running is about shamelessly keeping yourself distracted or making up excuses to avoid processing certain emotions.” 

Losing has all the hallmarks of an iconic album and on the band’s sophomore release, they’ve landed harshly in the adult world, and are facing the brutality of life. New York Magazine tipped the album in the Fall Music Preview writing “Alicia Bognanno has the loveliest snarl this side of Nirvana’s Live at Reading. That it’s in a pop-punk setting, with lyrics reckoning with adulthood, only strengthens its power.”

Bully was born in 2013. Bognanno was an engineer who had cut her teeth working at Electrical Audio in Chicago. Together with guitarist Clayton Parker and Reece Lazarus on bass, they made a debut album received unanimous critical acclaim and Bognanno became a point of intrigue.

The success propelled the band into an exhaustive touring cycle with spots on huge festivals such as playing Meredith Music Festival, BonnarooLollapalloozaPitchfork Music Festival and a late night appearance on Conan.


“They’re a ferocious, young band, with a powerful soundscape
and a truly passionate energy. “

IOHYOU, Fresh Juice of the Day

“Feel The Same”….also plumbs an uncomfortably static state
of mind. But this time Bognanno doesn’t try to lighten that
feeling-instead, she intensifies it.” 


A quick blast of fuzz that recalls Sonic Youth at their most
compact and Live Through This-era Hole.


If the rest of Losing is anything like the gritty, piercing punk-pop of
“Feel The Same” then we’re in for a proper treat.

The Line of Best Fit 

A ragged and propulsive rocker that serves as a great
introduction to a great band.


1. Feel the Same
2. Kills to Be Resistant
3. Running
4. Seeing It
5. Guess There
6. Blame
7. Focused
8. Not the Way
9. Spiral
10. Either Way
11. You Could Be Wrong
12. Hate and Control

Losing by Bully is out Friday October 20 on Sub Pop via Inertia Music
Pre-order now:



In rock – as in life – change is unavoidable, often painful, but ultimately necessary, and Alicia Bognanno and her band Bully have dealt with a lot of it since their debut record Feels Like hit in 2015. Now with a new label and another couple years worth of life experience, the 12 new songs on Losing feel like perfect anthems for a generation still learning to harness the power of resistance. With a vocal style that is as pretty as it is powerful, and emotionally resonant lyrics, Alicia channels the loss of innocence and reveals a raw honesty in songs that are distinctly hers.

I love Bully the way I love SebadohDinosaur Jr and The Breeders. Their sound takes me back to the stripped down and thoughtfully engineered songs that haunt me long after they’re gone and never get old. Another good reason to be with Sub Pop, who have always been associated with music that is built to last.

I feel like all my best work has been born of heartbreak and upheaval; maybe most musicians feel that way. “The title of the record -Losing – kind of says it all,” Alicia says. “After being on the road so long and coming back to Nashville we all had a lot of changes going on in our personal lives that we were trying to deal with / adjust to and that was really the motivation for this one.

Feel the Same” is about being stuck in the claustrophobia of a manic state of mind. It’s Alicia’s favourite song to scream. “Seeing It“, she says, is about the unique anxiety and vigilance about personal safety that comes with being a woman: “Such a blurring place to be / stuck in your own body.” Lately Alicia has been lending her voice as an advocate for gun control, women’s rights and speaking out in support of animal rights. In some ways my generation were in a bubble in the 90s; I never gave any thought to what Bill Clinton was up to, for instance – but in 2017, Losingsounds like a personal and necessary call to arms to me; we need rock n roll now more than ever.

Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen


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