Blond:ish returns for their most comprehensive Australian tour yet

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Tour Dates
Friday 9th November: 121, Wellington 
Saturday 10th November: Fox & Hound, Port Arthur TAS
Sunday 11th November: Return to Rio, Sydney 
Wednesday 14th November: EMC Sydney 2018, Sydney 
Friday 16th November: Elsewhere, Gold Coast
Saturday 17th November: Strawberry Fields, Tocumwal 
Sunday 18th November: Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay
The fun-loving duo of Anstascia and Vivie-Ann came together as Blond:ish in 2008, and have since brought their otherworldly electronic sound to a slew of club shows, festival bookings and productions. Their travels have included numerous appearances at Burning Man, leaving its enigmatic mark on the duo and inspiring their creative process, resulting in a string of impressive tracks and finally, the release of their first album ‘Welcome to the Present’ in 2015. The spiritual energy of the pair has even found its way to remixing duty for names as big as Depeche Mode.

A highlight of 2018 was their Blond:ish presents: A B R A C A D A B R A party in Mexico back in January, featuring a curated lineup of artists matching their own spirited creativity. Following this, they have continued to bring their uplifting liveliness to all corners of the globe this year with an impressive number of shows across the continents, with the year still far from over.

The Canadian duo returns to Australia for their most comprehensive tour yet, which includes a visit to EMC (Electronic Music Conference) in Sydney where they will attend as guest speakers.

Both By their calculations, Anstascia and Vivie Ann have more than 100 years of raving experience. Sure, the pair met in Montreal in 2008. But as anyone who’s been to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert will tell you, Burning Man years are like dog years, and by that measure, Blond:ish has been together for a lifetime.

As a youngster growing up in Canada, Vivie Ann aspired to be a computer hacker. Equally unique in her goals, Anstascia sought the acceptance of nerds. Both say they failed miserably. Eventually, their broken-heart trails converged and they created a midweek party in Montreal. Every Wednesday, they would promote, party, and DJ at the nightclub Cherry.

These days, Viv and Anstascia are savy travelers. Their original productions and DJ sets are inspired, in part, by their travels and spiritual encounters. Tribal dudes chant and hum on the duo’s new track, “Moonbow.” Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, provides the vocals in Blond:ish’s remix of the legendary English band’s “Should Be Higher.” Plus, they’re driven to share their passion with the world, one listener at a time. “A lot of people have never heard of us. Some people don’t take us seriously,” Anstascia says. “We’re doing our best to show that our music speaks for itself.”

In 2015 they released their album ‘Welcome to the Present’ on Kompakt Records. The LPs journey of field recordings, traditional instruments and polyglot vocals results in a masterfully crafted, intoxicating soundscape unlike any other debut album out there. It only served to further their musical journey.

2017 sees remixes for DJ Sabo, a Modular Project remix of their classic Wizard of Love, ‘Moonbow’ on Monkey Safari’s Homage label, as well as more new original music to come throughout the year. It is also the year they launch ABRACADABRA, their own event series and label which had its test run in Tulum January 2017 and will spend the season leaving its mark on Scorpios, Mykonos for 6 weeks of the summer.

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