BING & RUTH release new EP ‘Dorsal’

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BING & RUTH release new EP ‘Dorsal’

Bing & Ruth – the ever-evolving collective steered by composer and pianist David Moore – have a new EP, Dorsal. A short collection of songs written and recorded alongside the group’s recent album, No Home of the Mind, Moore says, “as the full length came into view it became clear that these sounds were a small family deserving of their own house separate. So here they are. A little line in a short crest. No meaning suggested. As is. Have at.”

Operating since 2006 with Moore at its nucleus, Bing & Ruth’s third album No Home of the Mind was released earlier this year on 4AD. After a year of heartfelt composition and with everything meticulously rehearsed in advance, it was recorded in two days and in the fewest takes possible in an attempt to recreate the immediacy of classic session-style musicianship, where one-take recordings were a standard to keep costs down. The final, stunning album explores piano’s percussive qualities alongside running woodwinds, warbling tape delays and splattered upright bass lines that stare out with a wide-eyed transcendence.

Bing & Ruth – Dorsal EP
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Dorsal EP

1. Dorsal
2. Torche II
3. Weighout

Bing & Ruth – Dorsal is out now
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