Belako Playlist

by the partae
Belako are on a UK tour this Sep covering London (17 Sep @ The Lexington), Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham, to promote their new album ‘Render Me Numb, Trivial Violence’ out via Primavera Sound’s label El Segell.

1. I’m a Victim Of This Song (Wicked Game) Pippilotti Rist
We met at the university of Fine Arts and became friends thanks to our similar music interests, we knew Pipilotti for her performative video art and this very special cover was the first song we decided to play together. That’s where it all began.
2. The Winner Takes It All – Abba
We listen to Abba compulsively since the first day we got into a van and hit the road to go touring. We love their music, it fills us with happiness and it is always fun to sing (mostly scream out of tune) their greatest hits. But this one is the most moving for us and Belako is about music from the guts.
3. Human Sadness – The Voidz
One of our favorite bands and the most epic and beautiful song ever written in the past few years. An inspiration of non-conformist way of composing with all kinds of nuances and tints.
4. Equus – Blonde Redhead
A great discovery at a crucial time, when we were playing together for no longer than a year, we listened to this band and this song, its sound and way of singing was pretty relevant on our process at the beginning.
5. M1A1 – Gorillaz

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