Bagossy Brothers Company

by the partae

What is your name and role with Bagossy Brothers Company?

My name is Attila Tatár, i play guitars and sing vocals in the band.

Where are you currently based?

The main base of the band is in our hometown, Gheorgheni which is located in the mountains of Transylvania – Romania. For the summer season we usually move to Hungary, (near the lake Balaton) as we write and sing our songs in our mothertongue which is hungarian.

What are you guys up to right now? 

The band is currently on tour as part of the summer festival season. We still have a lot of gigs to go till the end of September and quiet a lot of gigs to come in October as well.

Where are you touring?  

We play and tour mostly in hungarian speaking places, mainly in Hungary and some of the neighbore countries such as Slovakia, and Transylvania-Romania.

Favorite show of the tour so far? And why?

Every show has its own magic, but this years gig on one of  our favourite festivals Fishing On Orfű is the absolute winner of this year so far in Hungary. In Transylvania the festival held by the Hungarian Students (MMDSZ Napok) of Targu Mures was the best.

Please tell us about your upcoming show in Budapest: 

We are reheasring for our first acoustic/symphonic concert which is going to be held in the Művészetek Palótája – MÜPA Budapest on the 20th of september. This will be a completely rethought conceptional concert with lots of guest musicians, extra strings, trumpets, folk musuciant etc.

Do you have any up coming releases? 

We are working on releasing a new single around the beginning of October.

We start the recording session on the 22th of August in the Sounday studio Budapest with our producer Ligeti György.  We are going to record two or three songs.

What equipment does the band use?

Drums: Gretsch.

Bass: Musicman Stingray + Hughes and Kettner Bassmaster preamp, Radial DI Box.

Electric Guitar gear: Godin Summit CT + Mesa Boogie TA30 + Vox, Full-Tone, TC Electronic, Boss pedals.

Takamine acoustic guitars.

Ibanez mandolin.

Roland keyboard.

Digital or Analog?

We use mostly analog gear but also some digital stuff like midi keyboard, sampler pad etc.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

We basically listen to a lot of kind of music but the bands lets say current playlist features artists like Mumford and Sons, Vance Joy, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Mighty Oaks.

Top 3 icons?

We really like and we are inpired by the Mumford and Sons, Coldplay and Kodaline, Of Monsters and Man, Lumineers – I know this is more than 3 but I could not make any difference.

What influences your music?

As I mentioned we listen to a lot of new music and i guess all this musical stuff going on right now in the world influences us in some ways. We do not want to play necesarrly in one certain style. We only have a sound which caracterizes the band. If we feel that a new song we write need some electronic base or the other a more acoustic style we do it.

Favorite food and place to hangout?

We eat a lot out while traveling to the gigs so we have a lot of favourite places and meals we used to have there. I think oe of our favourite food is a kind of romanian soup we discovered together and it is called Radaut style Ciorba (ciorba is a special way cooked romanian soup done with different flavoures and ways). If i have to name a place where we like to hang out is deffinitely the Lake Balaton in the Summer season. During the winter we like to go back to the mountains.



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