Awaken I Am Debut New Music Video ‘Black Dreams’

by the partae

Blind Love, New Album Available Now

Combining soulful vocals and avant-garde imagery in one infectious burst, AWAKEN I AM has eradicated genres with “Black Dreams,” their latest visual masterpiece. The video comes from their likewise enchanting new album, Blind Love, available everywhere now.

Watch “Black Dreams” Now.

“’Black Dreams’ is written from a dark place of trying to climb out of the depths of depression and anxiety,” explains drummer Luke McKenzie. “In that place, it’s hard to confront yourself and the spiral of self destructive tendencies. Ultimately it is the love of those who know you better than you know yourself that help lift you up.”

Since its release on September 29, AWAKEN I AM gave audiences a first listen to Blind Love’s new tracks while supporting Slaves in their native Australia and to headlining audiences in Japan. New international tour dates will be announced soon.

“Super addictive, one of our favorite albums of 2017” – SCENE ZINE

“Synth-based pop-rock with some post-hardcore influence” – PURE GRAIN AUDIO

“One of the glossiest, immaculately preened entries into this scene” – SOUND BOARD

 “A sonic masterpiece filled with layered soundscapes. Intricate yet powerful” – LEMONADE

“Fresh and exhilarating, emotional and difficult with levels of storytelling grace” – NEW NOISE

“A cinematic album that’ll see them enter top-tier echelon of heavy music” – HYSTERIA

“Their most unexpected, most experimental and diverse release to date” – FORTE

“Atmospheric melodies, gentle bubbling melody climbs Awaken I Am to their rightful place” – DEPTH

“One of the scene’s newest acts that everyone should pay attention to” – BUFFALO STATE RECORD

“Electronic, hard-edged anthems blasting with up-tempo mainstream rock” – MERIDEN JOURNAL

“Shimmers with atmosphere, sky-high vocal hooks, and a seductive curveball” – ROCK SOUND

“Super energetic catchy metal-pop” – HEAVY

“A band that deserves to be catapulted into the spotlight” – KILL YOUR STEREO

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