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What is your name and Role within Apey & The Pea?
My name is Andras Aron or ‘Apey’ and I do guitars and vocals, write lyrics and riffs and make angry faces.

Where are you currently based?
We are in this beautiful city called Budapest, capital of Hungary.

SLAVES‘  was released in April, 2017.  What inspired this track?  Did things progress more due to it’s success?
Well I guess so, success always makes alot of things easier (laughes), but yeah we had a wonderfull period since ‘Hellish’ was released in 2014. ‘Slaves’ was actually a very old demo for my previous band called Neck Sprain, but it was just so good we had to do it, we never did any fast stuff, it was time do something different that’s we took this thrashy, slayer type direction but it was a very natural decision as I remember.

Earlier this year you did your own EU/UK tour, what do find most challenging with organising your own tour? Do you have a favorite show from the tour? And why?

It was a huge work pulling it together, took a few months but it was all worth it. All three of us have been touring around europe but not together with this band, so we’ve been waiting almost 7 years for this run, it was a blast. My fav gig was probably Zagreb in Croatia, that’s always a nasty one.

You headlined Desert Fest London 2017, how was this show? Did you feel any pressure being the headline act?

Sweaty, and hot, my cabs and amps were falling on me, like my backup guitars, people were on the stage, couldn’t really hear anything else then the snare and that noise, but it came out beautifuly, it was packed, people digging it, we went bananas afters, crazy ass party untill the morning. (laughs) Loved it.

You went on a festival tour in Hungary for 8 dates, how were the shows in Hungary? What was it like touring Hungary?

Oh well Hungary treats us like kings always, so it was just the most perfect gigs after another. There are not much ‘metal’ bands, and when I say metal I mean it, we’re pretty much the last flag carriers who gets the attention now days sadly, hope that will change in time cause we don’t really enjoy the role (laughs), so coming from this, hungarians are just really caring for what their hearing, and seeing, the amount of love and care we get is just unreal, and people just love the heavy stuff here.

Not long ago you flew back to London again to support Bongripper/Primitive Man at the Underworld Camden. How did you come to be the support? 

Ah that was a sweet one too, the two bands were not really too friendly I’d say which was weird but that’s that, can’t blame anyone. The crowed was A class as always, we love playing in London cause it’s almost like coming home through the years, just love doing that, also very good and close friends with the Underworld crew & management, always good to see them again and to play in one of our fav clubs.

Two recent releases being one track from your upcoming III. LP ‘HEX’ titled ‘DEATH‘ and also you’ve just released another track ‘BLACK NOVEMBER’.  How does the band usually put a track together prior to recording?  Does the track change much once you hit the studio to record?

Well to get this straight, we are a very old and classic thinking band. I write a few riffs, think of a song structure, we go down to the base, write it, put it together & practice the shit out of it untill it’s so tight we say it’s done, then we rehearse and practice the songs for atleast 3-4 times a week, we do this for a half year, then we go into studio and record it together standing in one room just like we did for 6 months in our practice space, we don’t use any tempo or metronome, or special shit, just pressing that rec button and that’s what you hear, us playing in a room. It’s real, that’s what you get live too, this was our concept from day 1. We like to slaughter for reals, computers are fun but we rather watch porn on it. (laughs).

We hear that you are preparing ‘HEX’ for the preorder which is on the 8th of September, and releasing it on the 30th of September, and you’ll also be shooting another video for the track ‘HEX’ next week.  Have you decided on a video concept?  Who will be directing?

Yes, we are doing another video for the title track ‘HEX’ next week, I’m not sure of the concept cause last minute we had to find another director so we are refreshing the entire idea, so we are working on it right now, but it should be out around September.

You’ll also be kicking off your headline Hungarian club tour supported by monster energy on the 30th of September at A38 Ship in Budapest, what’s it’ like working with Monster? Do they prove much support?

Yep, we kick of the ‘RATS’ Tour on the 22nd of September with our good friends ‘The Southern Oracle and ‘Stubborn’, Monster Energy has always been great to us, supporting us, so it’s very easy actually working together with them.

Top 3 icons?

Matt Pike, Tommy Iommi and Dimebag Darrell.

How did you get into music?

My mother forced me do play the piano, later I started playing the guitar and got my first band we I started singing and screaming, I was always a big music nerd just didn’t know about it until I got 12.

What are you listening to right now?

NAILS – You Will Never Be One of Us, that’s the top 1 album for me right now since it came out.

Favorite food and place to hangout?

Ah man, I love italian food, I know it don’t look like but I eat alot, and I’m loving it.

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