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'Why so goddamn sorry?' It is the question that swirls throughout the new single from Melbourne’s All The Colours. Returning off the back of the release of the ballsy ‘Tear It Down’ single earlier this year, the trio have dialled things up another notch in bringing thundering rhythms together with heavy, rich guitars and vocals. A wake up call and a refreshing hit of rock, All The Colours are back and ready to take on the last months of 2019. Like ‘Tear It Down’, All The Colours recorded their latest out in LA, posting up at Vox Studios in Hollywood and working with noted engineers Cian Riordan (Mini Mansions, The Wombats) and Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, The Killers) on mixing and mastering. The sound of the single itself has that classic Weezer-esque sound, mixed in with the swag of Queens of the Stone Age and flair of The Killers. Vocals weave in and out hypnotically over the top of almost four minutes of precisely arranged rock music, percussion crashing on over great riffs and bass. “‘Why So Sorry?’ is a song to turn to when things become too much, when anxiety manages to bash you down or love just hurts too much. It’s a cry that we hear everyday, it’s not a genuine question, it’s more a threat. The question is powerful, yet is usually used with mock concern. Most of the time, people could deal if they felt it was ok to be miserable. Maybe we all need a little forgiveness. This song is a reminder, the question, why so sorry? Sometimes won’t have an answer, and that’s okay too.” ALL THE COLOURS   PRAISE FOR ALL THE COLOURS “Your voice is positively dripping in salty sludge, especially in the verses.” Triple J Unearthed, Tommy Faith “Punchy guitars and furious drum sections come together perfectly. Hearing some of the fury and fire of Royal Blood bleeding through.” Triple J, Declan Byrne “Echoing the classic 90’s loud-soft-loud structure made famous by Nirvana (who borrowed it from The Pixies), the group sway between melancholic verses and headbanging choruses with ease.” Life Without Andy “The Melbourne trio’s penchant for injecting moody, rich textures into classic garage alt-rock is as vital as ever…” The AU Review   Hitting the road with ‘Why So Sorry’ this October and November, All The Colours are rolling out another trio of hectic live dates in both Melbourne and Sydney. Primed for a huge 2020, these last few months of 2019 are going to be bright for the rockers as ‘Why So Sorry’ finally sees the light. ALL THE COLOURS ‘WHY SO SORRY’ TOUR DATES   Saturday, October 5th Globe Alley Melbourne  with Bleach, MEZM3R Event Saturday, October 12th Frankie’s Sydney Event Friday, November 8th Globe Alley Melbourne Event   ‘Why So Sorry’ is released Friday, September 20th Facebook | Instagram |Twitter | Triple J Unearthed | YouTube

What is your name and role within the band?

Joshua Moriarty,  I play lead bass and am one of the two singers in the band.

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

I’m back in Melbourne, I was living in LA off and on the last few years but decided to come back to focus on All Thew Colours amongst a few other projects. I was playing in Miami Horror the last 10 years while also doing All The Colours and both projects were heating up at the same time so I’ve left Miami Horror for the forseeable future and am going hard in the alt-rock zone with All The Colours.

How did All The Colours form?

Jono (drums) and I have been friends and making music together since we were 11, we had our 25 year friendaversary this year actually, pretty crazy! We grew up listening to the same music and playing in a band together through high school into our early twenties so when it comes to rock n roll Jono and I usually do it together. We started All The Colours in Melbourne about 7 years ago while jamming in Jono’s spare room at his flat in North Melbourne. I invited Josh Mann down to jam cos I knew he was a bad ass and after that jam the rest is history really.

What’s been happening recently?
We finished our 3rd record recently and we have been releasing singles from it all year. We will put the full record out 2020 but while we are waiting we have actually started writing album number 4 cos we can’t help ourselves, gotta have the nek one ready even before number 3 is even out! I’m kinda a bit of a psycho when it comes to momentum and songwriting, I never want to stop. We also just started a monthly club night in Melbourne to showcase our label Repent Repeat and our friends bands and DJ buds. I’ve also been working on my own 3rd solo record and was recently at Dhani Harrison’s (son of George) studio in England working on a record with a good friend of mine, lots of projects going on!

Your new single ‘Why So Sorry’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting for this track?

The songwriting was inspired by the music of our teenage years, the stuff that is in our veins and our finger tips when it comes to riffing. It feels effortless to write music like this because it’s become part of our DNA over the years, we just wanted to do what feels the most natural to us and not shy away from what and who we should be.

How did you go about writing Why So Sorry?

Josh Mann had written the song on acoustic guitar and it was a lot more ballady as is always the way with Josh Mann when he writes. We were on a writing trip away in country Victoria making demos for the new record sitting around one night and Josh started playing it on the acoustic and both Jono and I critiqued it and shaped it into a song in it’s basic form. From there I took the chords and melodies and made my own demo version of it in Ableton adding all the heavy guitars and drums etc, then after that we took my demo version into the rehearsal room and played it with that new steez and voila!

Where and when did you record and who with?

We recorded it in Hollywood at Vox Studios with Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear producing. He’s a total studio gun, he produced all those Grizzly Bear  records as well as records by the Dirty Projectors, Twin Shadow, Solange and a whole bunch of others. I’ve known Chris for years and he moved to LA around the same time I did so we were hanging out a bunch, shooting the shit talking music and I played him some of the demo’s and told him what we were wanting to do and he just said ‘that sounds great, I’d be keen to work on that with ya!’. I hadn’t really planned on asking him, I’d obviously always wanted to make a record with him but I didn’t know he had such a deep love of heavy records, it was rad finding out he’s a total noise head and was into all the same bands growing up as we were.

What programs/equipment did you use to record/produce?

We used all the vintage gear at Vox studios, that place in incredible! Everyone is making records there now, it’s starting to get quite the reputation, Arctic Monkeys did their latest album there, The Black Keys, Mini Mansions, heaps of peeps. They have a huge guitar and amp collection spanning decades and everything is in pristine condition, we just messed around a bunch the first few days finding the combinations of guitars and amps and pedals etc that gave us what we needed, it was such a joy. The engineer who works there Michael Harris is an absolute machine, we had a total dream team!

How did you approach the recording process?
I always like to make draft copies of everything because I never want to be caught off guard in the studio. It’s like having a script, you don’t always have to use it but without one you can be shooting in the dark which can be expensive and frustrating. We took the demo versions into the studio and then just started replacing everything with the real shit, remove all the rhythm guitars and replace them with the three dimensional versions, remove the shitty bass I made at home and replace it with something huge and gritty and menacing. It was such a joy hearing it all come to life, kinda like taking a black and white picture and then colouring it in.
You’re playing Globe Alley in Melbourne on the 8th of November, how do you prepare for live shows?

The 8th November show is one of our Repent Repeat label club nights but we wont be playing, just hosting and DJ’ing for that event. We will be playing the next one in Dec. We always try have a jam before hand to freshen up, if we can’t get a full band one in then Josh and I just run things with an acoustic and I play along on my bass without it being plugged in, it’s good to get your fingers wiggling and your voice hot before you do the real thing. Same situation as the draft copy I guess, do a dress rehearsal beforehand so any little kinks are ironed out but don’t blow your load, just get yourself fluffed.

What do you find most rewarding and challenging when touring?

I enjoy the repetition, having somewhere to be and a task to achieve every night, knowing you gotta put on the show no matter what and everything else throughout the day is in service to that. That sense of purpose actually really invigorates me. The rest of the music biz is so nebulous, you have no idea what your music is doing and who’s hearing it where and when and what feelings it is creating in people but when you play a show it is all there in front of you, I love it.

There is a magic you can create with live music, there are the three members of our band but then there is the fourth entity which is the sound that is created by us, it exists as a separate thing and can have a unique power that no other band or DJ can ever create, it belongs to your own particular combination of humanity and existence but is shared with others. I’ve seen shows that have made entire crowds go nuts that just wouldn’t be able to be explained by watching the footage of the event, bands can charm the snake into the air and make it spit venom into the audience like voodoo.

What do you like to do away from music?

Pardon me? I’m ALLOWED to do things away from music?? I had no idea, I haven’t tried anything else in about 20 years..

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Been getting back into Scott Walker, the man is a genius. Also been DJ’ing a lot so trying to find my fave top 40 songs that don’t make me wanna vomit. Juice by Lizzo is a massive jam, Bruno Mars is brilliant. I’ve been listening to a lot of old composers from the 50’s and 60s, I love those romantic and tropical vibe, Henry Mancini, Les Baxter, Martin Denny, check them out if you haven’t, it’s nostalgic in such a soothing way. Chelsea Wolfe is sick, her last record Hiss Spun is goth and heavy and doomy, she’s the real deal.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2019 going into 2020?

2019 we are gonna be running these monthly Repent Repeat club nights, I think we will also put out another single off the All The Colours record too. I’m, heading back to LA during November to finish up a few records I’m working on over there and then 2020 we will putting out the new All The Colours record and going hard playing shows and proving to everyone they should be paying attention to us! Our live show is getting heavier and tighter and we are feeling great about all the new songs live and where things are headed. Come to a gig, remember what live music is supposed to feel like, we got you.

Favourite food and place to hangout?
Globe Alley where we are throwing our club nights! Burgers are delicious and they have vege/vegan options with all that fake meat bizzo, music is great and vibe is good, love it.

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