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by the partae

Hey guys, welcome to The Partae. How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

(TA) – Hey thanks for having us! Well there’s always two sides of the world, right now, there’s restrictions for unvaxxed people and certain limitations, for us artists that means there’s more complicated situations for events, gigs and so on. Or else, we are productive in the studio and working on projects for the upcoming year. 

(OM) I am doing just fine. Been feeling motivated and creative the last couple months which is great. I think the lockdown has helped me to stay focused and spend even more time pursuing my career. Now that we are able to host events again it has been a lot fun to be able to perform our music live as well. 

How much did the pandemic and lockdown affect the mood of the music you made, played, listened to?

(TA) – Definitely got me to explore more ambient music, film scoring & tuned frequencies that has a healing effect on us human. Also exploring new opportunities with music, such as NFT. I made more music that isn’t club music, a lot of movie scores also.. 

(OM) – Looking back to the music I have made during the last year there is a slight change in mood. I have always been fascinated by the cinematic, more darker stuff and I am now moving further in that direction. In terms of style and energy I like to keep it danceable, although I have made some slower stuff lately. The music I listen to has stayed almost the same, might have got in to some more abstract genres.

How has your experience of returning to clubbing / parties been?

(TA) – It’s been a Great feeling and relief to finally see, meet, experience music together with others in real life. Dancing is very important to our health and gives us endorphin kicks! Also really fun to finally be able to continue establishing my record label Hypnotic Rhythm and our label events/ club concept , HYPNOTICA together with our artists. 

(OM) – For me it was never a return since I did not really get the chance to play my music before I met Alex and joined Hypnotic. Experiencing the excitement from people being able to dance again has for sure been a great introduction to clubbing. Now we just need to make sure that we keep people excited. It definitely helps us to keep up the motivation and push ourselves to make the best music we possibly can, knowing that we now have the opportunity to share our creations live with people.

How did you first meet and why did you want to start making music together?

(OM) – I’ll leave this to Alex.

(TA) – I meet Oldmark (Samuel) on a late Saturday night after me and In Lakech, had a studio session. We went to eat at Södermalm ́s most popular greek food truck, and saw one of his friends having a Afterlife cap on, I asked if they liked that kind of music, Samuel friend Hadar said “yes, and he makes that kind of music too” and pointed at Oldmark. Samuel who was drunk, came through their little crew and introduced himself. After that I asked him to send me music and rest is history.

For your new single ‘Eclipse’, who did what, did you each take care of certain parts of the music?

(TA) – I had the track from the beginning laying there and it was missing a few elements. Samuel came in and added the elements that was needed and together we combined melodies, breakdowns and percussions. We both have a minimal melodic sound, and work really well together in the studio, it flows very naturally and ECLIPSE is the first of many track together.

How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

(TA) – We usually have something that we worked on separately and then bounce ideas on, or we start from scratch. A lot comes from inspiration of previous tracks, melodies from movies, other genres, a lot of random stuff. 

(OM) – Most of the time we experiment and eventually something catches our ears. From there we get ideas in our heads that we try to transcribe to audio. It is always a different process depending on what mood we are in etc.

What were some of the key bits of gear in the set up?

(TA) – Korg Monologue, Arturia mini brute, Arturia V collection, Diva,Strobe mixing both analog and Digital always.

What was the aim and vibe of the tune?

(TA) – BIG melodic piece with a minimalistic tripyy feel to it. 

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

(TA) – I have a lot of my own singles, one coming on Tiestos Aft:hrs, special NFT projects, one coming 22.02.22, collabs and more releases on Hypnotic Rhythm, plus a few big underground label releases, more to be announced. Also an album for 2020.. 

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

(TA) – Festival gigs, bigger events for HYPNOTICA, bigger releases on Hypnotic Rhythm with new artists and remixes, more fans worldwide and hopefully a gig or two in Ibiza. 

(OM) – Right now my biggest wish is that the world goes back to normal. I am looking forward to keep working with Alex and the rest of the team at Hypnotic. And of course I am excited to share more music soon.

The Alexsander 



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