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Alex Mine

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

I’m currently based in Torino, Italy. The scene here has grown up so fast in just the last few years, which is also thanks to festivals like Kappa Futur Festival which is giving Torino the opportunity to be known to a much wider, worldwide audience.

You’ve just released your new EP on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M, which come with two remixes Second State artist Roberto Capuano and Carl Cox.  What influenced the sound and song writing for this EP?

I set out to make something different, but that’s always a hard thing to achieve when you have it in your mind. It was actually the vocals which I found first, and they were what developed the rest of the track. Once I had those, the track took its own course. I believe you just need that initial element to get the inspiration you need.

Where and when did you record/produce?

This track was recorded in my studio back home in Italy, but some people might not know that the original was actually made back in 2015! It wasn’t ever signed to a label until 2017, that’s when it first came out on Terminal M, and then this year we did an edit of it again, for a 2018 version to be released with the two new remixes.

How did you come to release with Terminal M?

Actually, as the track wasn’t released, I met Monika at a party during Sonar a few years back and it was then we had a chat and I decided to send it to her. She loved it and it was a done deal for the label. I was really happy to have a home like Terminal M for this one.

How do you approach the remixers on this package and why did you choose these 2 artists to remix?

I actually never thought that this track would be one to get remixed at all! I hoped that anyone who does do a remix, still keeps the original meaning of the track but with their own special twist, and both Roberto and Carl did just that. You still know the track when you hear either remix, but they completely vary in every other way. I know that Carl listened to the track and asked Monika about doing a remix – how lucky was I? And then of course, Robert is someone who is an amazing artist also from Italy, so when he accepted a remix, we felt this was a really complete package.

What do you have planned with Terminal M?

As of now, I have of course the release on the 20th August with ‘Lost’ and am currently submitting some new music to Monika, so should be ready for something in the next 6 months I hope!

You’re playing in Romania in October, what do you have planned for these shows?

Yes, I am playing in Romania in October, in Bucharest on the 13th. I have really come to love this city. If you haven’t been, make sure it’s on your list. It’s such cool city, with a great party and club scene, lots to see and the Romanian crowds really know their music! I can’t wait to go back, as this one is going to be a big techno party in the park!

How did you first get into music, producing and remixing?

Oh, that’s actually quite a long story. I could say that I have played music since forever really. But I know most artists all feel that way when we all started when we were kids. I played rock bank music actually when I studied at school and also played classic piano before moving into electronic music. I think I just had to find my way and what it was that I enjoyed playing the most. Thankfully, now that’s something I know.

What programs and equipment do you use?

Steinberg Cubase as sequencer and all the Komplete Pack from NI as well as some Arturia virtual instruments and some good sample packs. Nothing too crazy!

What do you like to do outside of music?

I’m a friendly guy, so my house is normally occupied by friends or family all the time! I have a lot of friends who come and stay also who live abroad which is nice and I get to show them round the city. I love to play tennis, and I am quite good at it now that I play about 3 times a week. Staying health is important, during the week days when you have the time to look after yourself, exercise and cook good food after gigs on the weekends.

Favourite food and place to hang out?

Hahaha it’s not a secret that I am a pizza fanatic. Once a year, I plan a pizza tour with my friends to Napoli, and we go to literally do nothing but eat pizza at all the best spots. They are the best pizza in the world. We can also find really good pizza in Turin J So yes, pizza all day every day, but then I would get fat, so more tennis might be needed?! Of course, I am open to lots of other foods, and Japanese is another which is clean, tasty and healthy. Greek is also another good one to list….too many! As you can see, I like to make music but I like to eat a lot too.


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