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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?
I’m currently based on the Central Coast (north of Sydney), it’s a quiet beachy area so it’s nice to have my studio up here. As far as a music scene, it’s very small and like most artists I spend most of my time in Sydney as it’s just up the road (highway)!

How did you first start playing music and get into producing?
I grew up around music, my dad’s a country & rock’n’nroll singer/musician. I got into making music on my computer when I was in school and loved it so much I sold my Playstation (actually, tried to sell it but I got ebay scammed) and never looked back!
What programs and equipment do you use when producing?
Ableton Live, lots of digital instruments, a decent microphone and an old guitar. I try and keep the setup minimal and have learned to get a quality sound with less.
You’ve recently stepped away from solely being a producer to becoming a spotlight performing artist with Airports, why and how did you decide to start AIRPORTS?
I actually started AIRPORTS a few years ago with my drummer, it was a duo. Last year he decided to pursue his passion as a session drummer rather than artist, which worked for me as I’ve always been a solo artist and have now been able to take AIRPORTS into it’s new direction.
Why did you decide on the name AIRPORTS?
My drummer lives in Brisbane so when we play shows at least one of us had to fly.
How do you approaching songwriting and what influences your sound and style?
At the moment I’m in a really good writing place where I’m motivated to make quality pop/urban music that doesn’t sound the same as everything else on current radio!
Who are you listening to at the moment?
A mixed bag of 2000’s rnb, 80s synth, funk and whatever’s current in pop, rap and edm.
You’ve had huge success with your latest two singles ‘Limbo’ and ‘Speak My Mind ‘ what was the formula that made these tracks such a success?
Honesty. I wrote both songs out of struggles in my mind, and both were key moments for me of opening up and being more honest in my songs. People connect with that!
Where and when did you record ‘Limbo’ and ‘Speak My Mind ‘ and did you collaborate with anyone?
“LIMBO” started when my drummer sent some piano chords, I wrote the whole topline and then it evolved. 14 versions later I asked Sammi Constantine to jump in to add some vocal color to the mix!
“Speak My Mind” I wrote entirely on my own at home while in a dark place. I just had to overcome some inner fears and be more honest with accepting my faults. This is how I did it.
You have undergone not one but two life threatening illnesses, how has this effected you and your mindset towards life and music?
It’s (still) teaching me to live in the moment more, and without fear. I actually wish I could say it’s taught me to not care about what people think as much and just do me, but unfortunately I’m still perfecting this.
You’ve become an ambassador for Listen Up Music, please tell us a little about Listen Up Music, how this came about and what is your role?
Listen Up Music are a non for profit based in Australia and the UK. They are opening the conversation around metal health through the music industry, giving opportunities for songwriters, creatives and are currently raising funds for organisations such as RUOK? DAY. Worth checking out especially if you’re a budding songwriter. I’ll be one of the judges on the upcoming Songwriting Festival.

What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?
Favourite food and place to hangout?
Hardest question of the interview!! Haha. I love going up to Brisbane to see some of my best mates, and eating Malaysian or Chinese with them. Also Donut Time (until it closed down) *sad face*.

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