Ada Lea

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Ada Lea
Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?
We’re currently based in Montreal. There are many artists and musicians that live here, and the scene is just like the weather. Montreal goes through bursts of creating great, healthy music, and then we go into hibernation.
How did you first start playing music?
I think things officially started in my second to last year at my all-girls-catholic-high school, when they needed an electric bass player for the jazz and concert band. They were going on a tour to Boston later that year and I was experiencing separation anxiety from my best friend who played saxophone in the bands. In some ways I think I knew things were meant to start right then and there. 
You’ve just finished touring Europe, what did you find most rewarding and challenging?
Travelling alone was difficult, I had never been to the UK before. Crossing the streets and having to look over my right shoulder first took some getting used to, and I nearly died twice; once in London and once in Wrexham. I only played in Wrexham, though I wish there had been more shows around the UK. I’m hoping to tour more extensively there next year, once the new album is released. My phone was disconnected for the trip, so this may sound strange but I think the most rewarding part of going to the UK was the sense of accomplishment in getting to a place I had never been before and finding my way around without relying on my phone. It should be mentioned that a few middle-aged men helped me at Euston Station; they were going to the horse races in Chester, which is on the way to Wrexham, and they kind of took me under their wing and showed me where I needed to go, helped carry my guitar. If it hadn’t been for them I’m not sure I would have made my train, or be alive to tell the tale.
you played a showcase at Focus Wales, how was this experience?
Playing solo was challenging, but I got to meet Evan from POP and reconnect with Wake Island. To be honest, I was feeling slightly discouraged after my performances, so being with them made up for that.
How do you prepare for each show?
I play through the songs in my room, have some hot tea and lemon, water, some sun, voice warm ups in the shower. The most important these days is to be present mentally, to be in a good place.
How was your recent show at Sled Island Festival? 
The show opening for Wye Oak was the most connected I’ve felt in a really long time. It was at a beautiful church, the walls were adorned with intricate mouldings and stained glass, and I couldn’t have imagined a better ambience. Wye Oak’s show was my favourite show of the festival. 
I hear that your just finishing up your album now for release in the next couple of months, where are you recording?
Yes, we’re just wrapping everything up. We recorded at a few different places in Montreal, though most of our time was spent up in Ahuntsic. I finished all the tracks with engineer/producer Tim Gowdy, so now I’m working out of my parents house trying to finish the collage pieces. 
How do you usually go about writing music?
I wake up in the morning, make a big cup of coffee, sit down at my desk, place the coffee to my right, typewriter in front of me, and I just get to it. It’s hard to say, every song is different. Some songs I’ll finish in a day, but some take months of tweaking. 
Who or what influences your songwriting and sound?I discovered Destroyer earlier this year and realized I’ve been looking for his kind of songs my whole life. Almost every song of his that I’ve heard has been a real moment where I stop and think “this is what I want to do with my music”. 
What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?I’m going to finish working on this album, we master in a few weeks. In July we’re going to a studio in NDG called Fast Forward where we’ll be recording some of the new songs. Then in August I’ve rented a chalet with my partner in crime with the hope of splitting our time between galavanting about in the fields and working on recording the newer songs.  
Favourite food and place to hangout?
I love homemade meals and hanging out on the porch. 

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