3 Sustainable Housing Companies Booming Right Now in Australia

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Sustainable house with solar and trees

The homes built today should meet the requirements of tomorrow. This is the aim of Australia’s housing sector. The goal is to reach zero net emissions by 2050. 

Even though Australia’s building industry faces great challenges, it is still making its mark in sustainability. The homes here generate about 13 % of Australia’s total greenhouse emissions. 

However, homeowners are becoming concerned and are beginning to adopt sustainable approaches. Therefore housing companies are experiencing a boom right now. Here are some major players in the sustainable home category which are spreading their wings:

Green Homes Australia

Green Home is a construction company founded in Australia in 2006. It specializes in building energy-efficient homes all across the globe. In recent years it has experienced increasing demand from both local and international consumers.

Recognized globally for their green building space, Green Home’s Houses are now booming in Australian suburbs. Their expert design, cutting-edge construction, and sustainable homes are creating a market of their own.

The company follows sustainable values and sources its building material from eco-friendly manufacturers. Thus, they ensure that the homes their clients receive are social and environmentally friendly. They build energy-efficient and healthy housing that provides consumers and their communities improved benefits. 

Green Home offers three value propositions:

  • Design

Green home clients have the option to choose from pre-designed homes, or they can get a customized design that suits their lifestyle!

  • Build

The building experience at Green Homes is smooth. The new home takes shape within no time with industry-leading expertise ensuring that it is built to last.

  • Save

Lastly, the homes guarantee the very best value. The enhanced efficiency of Green Homes complements the comfort it provides. So with such a home, you can live with comfort while saving money. 

ECOLIV Sustainable Buildings 

ECOLIV is a Victoria-based modular housing company. As mentioned in its name, ECOLIV is pillared to eco-friendly goals. However, unlike big names who work on a contract basis, this manufacturer directly deals with its clients to find the most sustainable design and solution for them. 

Moreover, the company aim is to achieve five environmental goals in all their construction: These are: 

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Sustainable materials and resources 
  3. Water efficiency
  4. Indoor living quality
  5. Reduction in waste

Furthermore, ECOLIV believes in providing modern luxury without having any adverse effects on the natural environment. Therefore, the designs and built of their modular homes minimize negative impacts on the environment and simultaneously improve wellbeing. 

Lastly, all of ECOLIVE’s building material is sourced from green supply chains. The resources used in construction are responsibly sourced and impeccably crafted. The resulting homes are time-tested and offer utility along with aesthetic appearances.


Next up is Archiblox, a Melbourne-based construction firm that offers modular and sustainable homes. This company is famed for its energy-efficient designs and architectural models. It’s their manifesto that excellent design shouldn’t be a privilege; rather, it should be a pleasure for everyone.

All of Archiblox’s homes are designed for mindful living and are ideal for the Australian climate. In addition, their construction minimizes environmental footprint and has been recognized for excellence in green construction.

The key principles it follows are:

  • Connection and integration with nature
  • Harmony and smart use of natural systems such as solar, water, and heat sources
  • Flexibility in arrangements and space 

However, Archiblox homes don’t come cheap. The combination of innovation and sustainability comes at a high price. Nevertheless, the long-term impact and aesthetic construction are worthy of the investment. 

In our opinion, the Archiblox Group is bringing in a sustainable revolution that is breaking down barriers. Their ultimate designs are something to look forward to.

The Future of Housing

The housing sector in Australia is no doubt changing. With homeowners becoming conscious about the environmental footprint, sustainable housing demand is on the rise. 

Green construction companies are booming and will continue to do so in the future. Homes that require less energy are more resilient to climate and improve occupant comfort. Now that’s something sure to attract people even more. 

Lastly, sustainable homes companies are a driver for economic growth too. A study by the CRC for Low Carbon Living discovered that Australia’s transition to sustainable

housing would create 7,000+ jobs. It will also help Australia save $600 million in energy bills.

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