Westerman explores human urge for self-documentation on new single ‘Keep Track’

Westerman explores the human urge for self-documentation on new single ‘Keep Track‘ ‘Call and Response’ EP out 6th October on Blue Flowers

Sometimes a narrative songwriter emerges from the hinterland of mainstream culture. On his new Call And Response EPwest London’s Westerman renders the contemporary experience with razor wit and poignancy, pitting timeless human vulnerabilities with the often baffling ephemera of modern living.

His work channels the creative spirit of forebears like Nick Drake, David Byrne, Arthur Russell and Joan Armatrading – craftsmen and women whose observational storytelling transform the everyday into the sublime. Featuring Bullion in the producer’s seat (released through Blue Flowers label that also releasesNilüfer Yanya’s music), Call and Response is a synthesis of Westerman’s classic songwriting with Bullion’s electronic approach to texture. Through the subtle interplay of acoustic and machine sound, Westerman’s voice is realised in the half-light between reality and imagination.

‘Keep Track’ is a meditation on the human urge for self-documentation. Amidst the idiosyncratic guitar playing, Westerman asks “is it right to lay it all out like that?” It’s a message that chimes with our generation’s anxieties about our own digital avatars. He asks us to ask ourselves: are they records, or the narcissistic performances of our lives?

It follows previous single Lie which tells the story of a jaded lover about to engage in unwanted sex with his partner serving as a metaphor a lazy acceptance of the need for compromise. It’s a brutal and witty double entendre: sex as a form of lie.

Westerman’s thought-provoking lyrics have emerged from his autodidactic fascination with literature and observation. He’s a fiction writer set to music, but in his fictions rest a kernel of timeless truth.

Call and Response EP comes out 6th of October on Blue Flowers.

Preorder vinyl: https://www.musicglue.com/blueflowers/products/westerman-call-and-response-ep

Keep Track

iTunes: http://geni.us/rAWe
Apple Music: http://geni.us/pg0v
Spotify: http://geni.us/y1SAG

Call and Response

iTunes: http://geni.us/y7Qvjwx
Apple Music: http://geni.us/nQk9
Spotify: http://geni.us/s7vkpn

Westerman online: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram | Blue Flowers


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