Visionist shares video for “No Idols”; ‘Value’ out October 20

VISIONIST SHARES VIDEO FOR “NO IDOLS”  Value out Friday October 20 on Big Dada via Inertia Music 

Visionist returns with his second album Value out Friday October 20 on Big Dada via Inertia Music. It is a precise body of work which across its 10 tracks, builds on his conceptual, thematic process, finding assertion in the values of self-discipline and self-education through meticulous composition. Today, Visionist releases the video for new single “No Idols”.

“For ‘No Idols’, I wanted to explore notions of the Idol and the Idoliser,” explains the producer. “’No Idols’ considers the often crushing nature of worshipping another but also the consequences of holding oneself as an emblem.”

Directed by visual artist and photographer Teri Varhol, the video is built on imagery originally inspired by the songs title, which Varhol “then developed and expanded on” in close collaboration with Louis Carnell aka Visionist. “It utilises dream logic and symbolic imagery, so ultimately each viewer will have their own interpretation based on their own thoughts and allusions.” says Varhol. “For me it depicts a raw and intimate journey of self-discovery, travelling from rejection of mere idolatry through false beliefs and illusory egos, to discovery of the true self.

Through the addition for the first time of his own vocals, Visionist continues to further explore a humanistic and intimate creation. Value’s opener, “Self-”, sees him re-imagine the vocal treatment with rapid injections, followed by crescendos of abrasive rhythm and waltz-like melodies, providing a diligent insight into the rest of the album. It’s this cross-infection of sonic landscapes and unpredictable movements that constantly question ostracisation. The title track “Value” propels the listener into a brutal environment, battling neural attacks and jittery vocals, culminating in a shift of atmosphere to signify peace and fulfilment. “Made In Hope” lays bare to its listener, venerated in its sparseness, sedated in its grace, with capricious “Invanity” concluding proceedings.

Aesthetic can be achieved by everyone, but approach separates the individual.

The project features collaborative artwork from influential artist Peter De Potter, with Daniel Sannwald providing the artist shots and Frederik Heyman and Teri Varhol directing forthcoming visuals.


1. Self-
2. New Obsession
3. Homme
4. Value
5. Your Approval (feat. Rolynne)
6. No Idols
7. Made in Hope
8. High Life
9. Exi(s)t
10. Invanity

Value by Visionist is out Friday October 20 on Big Dada via Inertia Music
Get it here:

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