The Prosecution

What is your name and role within The Prosecution?

T: I’m Tini and I am the trombonist, composer, songwriter and producer of The Prosecution .

S: Hi, my name is Simon! I’m the lead singer and rhythm guitar player of The Prosecution. I also do some songwriting stuff in the band.

How did you start?

T: The band was founded in 2002 as a school project. I joined the band one year later and was the first member playing an instrument of the horn section. You could say that this was the start for us as a skaband.

S: It all started in May 2002, when five twelve-year-old skateboard kids decided that they had to find a way to impress the girls in class. At this time nobody of us was able to play an instrument. Of course, everything we tried to play sounded like shit. We did our first shows a few months later. I remember songs by Black Sabbath, Ramones and AC/DC being in the set. The only problem was: it did not sound anything like these bands. It was a very funny time. Everybody was laughing at us because we did a terrible job. But we just didn’t care and moved on and as you can see we still do.

Where are you based?

T: Our former rehearsal room was in my parents’ basement in Abensberg. A few years later we moved to the youth center of our town, where we spent most of our time (not only playing music )

In 2014, after most of us had already moved to the next bigger city, Regensburg, we decided to rent some empty rooms in the inner city of Rgb and build several rehearsal rooms together with some bands with whom we were friends already. Since then we’ve been happily based in Regensburg!

S: —

Please give an example of your music writing process?

T: I have my own studio (Reh Mit Rucksack Studio) and work at the Weltraum Studios, which are based in Munich. Therefore most of the songs are written and pre-produced by me, some by Simon and some by Kötti, our guitarist. When I’m/we’re happy with the result I send them to my band mates and we play and practice them a few times. After that we decide to either put them on a record or… throw them away forever!

S: I’m not a trained musician. And I still can’t read music. But I’ve also written songs since The Prosecution was founded. Almost everyday I grab my guitar and play some tunes which I then record. If there is a cool idea, I show it to the other guys and Tini. As a professinal producer, he helps me with pre-producing my ideas. I also really like writing down my daily thoughts, views and other stories. That’s my basis for The Prosecution lyrics.

What are you working on right now?

T: We’re going to release our new record „The Unfollowing“ on August the 11th. After some festivals in 2017 we’re going on a huge headlining tour in autumn in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with 26 shows!

S: —

What is your gear setup?

T: Trombone, King 2B, silver

- Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
- Epiphone ES-333 Tom Delonge
- Ibanez Artcore AS53-TKF Transparent Black Flat

(with Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker) – Johnson JP-WF-IV

Image credit : ABSE photography

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?

T: I personally do lots of music stuff besides the band. I compose music for movies and TV as well as produce other bands. When I’m not in the studio or in the tour bus, I’m probably eating or sleeping!

S: I am really passionate about going out for a walk. I love nature and quiet places. So after I finished my studies as a social pedagogue in Regensburg I went back to the small town where I grew up and where it all started. I like the small town life. When I’m outdoors, passing lakes, woods and sleepy villages, I come down from touring with the guys. And of course, it affects the music, especially the lyrics I write.

How would you describe your music genre?

T: Two years ago I would have called it „Skacore“. Now, after some years of reflecting, I guess „punkrock with horns“ describes it much better. We’ve never really been into the „ska“ scene and most of us even don’t listen to „classic“ ska music at all.

S: Punkrock! : )

Do you know any music theory?

T: As I’ve stated before, most of the work I do is being a „musician“. It’s not necessary to know anything about music theory if you’re good enough; so yes, I know some stuff 😉 But to be honest: I love music theory! For me it’s a huge resource and if you don’t know how to go on you can grab some stuff out of your „tool box“ called music theory.

S: What’s that? : )

What are your plans for the future?

T: More albums, more tours.

S: : To carry on what we’ve been doing for the last 15 years. Making friends, playing music and having the best time of our life.

How did you get into music?

T: When I joined the band (I was 12) we went to a little studio to record an EP (or let’s call it Demo ) .

To say it nicely: I really SUCKED! After the recording session my band mates took me aside and said: „Practice or we’ll kick you out of the band…“

And I hated them for their honesty. But it really was the best thing that ever happened to me, because after that I started to practice and realized how great it is to get better when you work hard for the things you like. Now I could never imagine a life without the band or music!

S: I started skateboarding when I was an 11- year old kid. The older guys in the skate park showed me bands like NOFX and Guttermouth. I loved and still love that kind of music. It was a logical conclusion.

What are you listening to at the moment?

T: Right now in my playlist: the upcoming unreleased “Minipax” album.

S: Frenzal Rhomb – Hi-Vis High Tea

Who are your top 5 influences and icons?

T: – Deadmau5

– Dead To Me

– Billy Talent

– Anti-Flag

– Beatsteaks


– Descendents

– Fucked Up

– Satanic Surfers

– Blink 182

When are you playing next?

T: The next festival is called „SBÄM“ Festival in Austria.

And we’re really looking forward to the 11th of August! On that day we will release our new album with a huge party at the „Open Flair Festival“ in Eschwege!


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