As brothers, what`s it like sharing the stage?
Tim; I guess we fight a lot in normal life, like brothers do and when we`re on stage we are at our calmest, it`s our least hostile environment.
Sam; We don`t fight on stage, I like it, it`s like neutral territory where we can be mates.
It`s a good feeling.

What was the inspiration for ‘Where The Wind Blows’?
Tim; After 6 years of busking around The Sunshine Coast, things are beginning to happen for us. We`ve been signed to Sony publishing which was a bit of a head fuck and now there are these conversations about `Career`. It`s always felt really comfortable standing on a street corner singing to passers by and now, we have no idea where we could go with our music. I suppose have all of a sudden got a little bit more real and that`s a bit scary.

You have amazing harmonies, has singing come naturally to the both of you?
Sam; I was 9 when I first started busking with Tim, I played the Cajon but would never sing. I hated the idea of singing. It took another three years of busking until I stated joining in with harmonies.
Tim; Our Dad was a singer and he loved harmonies. When we were in the car, Dad would only let us have the pop radio stations on if we sang harmonies to all the songs!. That`s how Sam and I leaned to harmonise, because we didn`t want dad to turn off the radio.

What do you prefer, touring or recording?
Sam; I always feel a lot of pressure in the studio, I don`t know why. When we perform, its no pressure at all, like you get a lot of energy and confidence from the audience.
Tim; Touring is way better. I love recording and I`m studying recording techniques at college so maybe I’ll learn to love it more over time but right now, there is something amazing about seeing people`s reactions to your songs.

At what point did you realise you wanted a career as a musician?
Sam; Well I played drums since grade 8 and obviously I play drums in the band now but it wasn`t until I started singing a few years later that I really got the bug.
Tim; I was on holiday in Thailand with my family. We were in a bar and the guy said does anyone else fancy singing. I was only 8 at the time and I got up and sang a song with my guitar and all these tourists came up and put money in my guitar case. I ended up with about a hundred dollars and i thought Shit!! You can actually make money out of singing???!!! I started busking as soon as I got home.

Do you have a pre show ritual?
Sam; We have these vocal warm up routines we do which make you look so stupid so we try to do them in the toilet or somewhere quiet because we look like idiots doing them.
Tim; We also have a pre show ritual in the van on the way to the venue, we always crank up the Shannon Noll song ‘Lift’ on Spotify and sing our lungs out to that!.

Your Three musical influences?
Tim; Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Oasis.
Sam; Ed Sheeran, Sean Mendes, The 1975.

Whats your all time favourite album?
Sam; We don`t really listen to albums. we play music all the time but its songs on Spotify or YouTube.
Tim; Sam and I have very different musical tastes, he`s a lot more pop orientated but then so was I at 15. Sam`s right, our age group don`t really play whole albums. The way we listen to music these days is songs. I wonder if that will change the way we look at making music. Will we even make albums?

What is your most memorable moment performing live?
Tim; It has to be supporting Busby Marou at The Triffid in Brisbane. We were third on the bill, but Tom and Jeremy treated us so well and made sure we had great sound. AND lights!!!! When we came on stage everyone was talking but within 8 bars there was silence. There were 350 people listening to our songs and clapping at the end. That was amazing. It felt like our first proper gig.
Sam; Yeah, The Busby Marou Triffid gig was amazing. I was buzzing when I got off stage and was still buzzing the next morning. It was a real musician`s audience, and the whole busby Marou band and crew made us feel like we belonged in there. It was sick.

What can audiences expect from a Sametime show.?
Tim; Well we try to get the audience moving but we also like to tug at their heart strings a little and get a bit emotional.
Sam; Yes, we`ve got a lot of songs about Tim`s ex girlfriends which you can cry along to…ha ha ha!

What`s the story behind you name ‘Sametime’?
Sam; We had to change our name because we found out some rock band in Alaska already had it. It is sooo hard it is to find a good band name that has not already been taken? It takes forever to find a name that`s available.
Anyway, we were thinking of names and coming up with stupid ideas and then someone said why not try to find a band name that has both of your names in it.
I said ‘You mean like Same time?` and everyone went ‘Yes!! That`s it!’’ So we made it one word and registered it and there you go. Band name 101!

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