Mike Dehnert

Where are you currently based? 

In Berlin.

You run the labels Fachwerk, MD2 and Colomabge, why did you choose to start 3 labes? And what do you find to be the greatest challenges in running a label?

Fachwerk is the main Label, MD2 is my Red label series for  special experimental own production releases , Colombage is more focus to House for an artistfriend calling Reno Wurzbacher. The greatest challenge in running a label is be creative .

You have quite an impressive back catalogue of albums and singles. Where do you find your producing inspiration? How did you start producing? 

I was starting marking Music when I was a Teenager. Ha my parents had to signed my first release contract because I was not 18 at this time.

My inspiration comes  from my music experience , I always looking for music in all genres , like Jazz, hiphop, pop , ,electro… can’t get enough:-) Traveling around the world with all this experiences ,feelings is also  a main inspiration for me to translate it into a Track.

How did you get into techno and music production? 

When I was a teenager I was fascinated from music where created with machines. Like synthetic acoustic . I was discovering this kind of music here in Berlin record stores, collecting 12″ together with starting to go to Clubs.  I mean I was 15 years old when I started to went to the Clubs, ha today it’s impossible to go to clubs under 18 but Berlin for 20 years … it was an another world:-)

‘Providing Home’ your latest super fresh album is collecting rave reviews across the board, what inspired this album? Did you experiment with any new techniques within the production process?

This Album is more focused with vocals .  I worked and experimented with vocals from My artist friend and vocalist Albert Vogt .  I had this Idea for a long time and now it was the right time for me to release it .

What can we expect from your up coming shows? 

Always exclusive DJ sets and a also created a  new Live act , debut was on my Latin america Tour last weeks.

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music? 

A lot of sport for the compensate the sometimes heavy creasy travel stress. Spend time with friends , Family.

How does your producing process usually take place? 

Good question , I don’t know:-)

You have a big Fachwerk label night at Tresor (Completely Club) at the end of August, what can we expect from  the night?

Generally to get a completely Big Club with all floors to make a Labelnight , music concept is a pleasure for me .

Every year I do an all labelartist stopover  here in the Berlin Label hometown.  The Labelstopovers  was 7 years based At Berghain and now It will be at Tresor. You can expect that it will be very warm and loud with a lot of bass 🙂 .

What are you listening to at the moment?

 Agnes Obel’s live in concert in Paris.

Who are your top 3 influences and icons?

Ha I can’t do this , my billions influences are all tops.





Featured Photo Credit & all Image credit : Marie Staggat


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