How did you start?

I was always more into singing in the first place, but too shy performing in front of people. That’s kind of why I started djing. I felt there’s a way connecting with the audience almost entirely through music and not having to perform in the first place which I was really unsure about at that time. Djing led to singing and performing again.

Where are you currently based?

I’ve been living in Berlin all my life now, even the same area I grew up in. Most of my family lives nearby. I love being close to them, always being able asking them for advice. Also I’ve made loose plans going away next year when I finished most of my projects here in Berlin, but still not sure where i’m going to end up yet.

Please tell us about a collab EP that you have just released with with Till Von Sein ( ?

It’s actually our first collabo EP since we first teamed up on Non Existing Love next to Tigerskin and Lazarusman and it was somehow bout time if you’d ask me.

Stylewise this record is kinda an extension of last year’s „One Time“, a style we both dig a lot. This is music straight from and only made for the dance floor.

Please describe your production process?

Since I’m a singer/songwriter in the first place it mostly starts with words or melody with me. This I usually write down or I record some sketches at home which I take with me to the studio then. Beat ideas I collect in Fruity Loops atm, which I also finalize in the studio with the help of the lovely boys.

You have a feature track on the upcoming part of this year’s Suol Summer Daze series ( How did this come about? What inspired this track?

This track is actually 3 years old or so. Everyone including myself is always fascinated by pitching down my voice cause I sound like a black male version of myself then, so we tried that here. I’m kinda featuring myself on this one. This year’s Suol Summer Daze seemed to provide the perfect context to finally put this beauty out there.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently involved in two bigger projects, two very different concepts. I hope finishing these two by the end of the year. Besides that I’m planning on going to university from October on.

What is your equipment setup?

when playing: 3CDJs 2000 NXS2, A&H Xone 92 and when I add vocals to the performance I go with the classic Shure SM58 in connection with the helicon voicelive touch 2.

You will be making a video to your own Summer Daze track „Bygone Eras“ ( at the beginning of September, 2017. What can we expect from this? What has prompted you to make your own video?

Because I love the song and want more ppl to hear it! Plus I sat down with our video guy Mo and we both thought this song deserves a supercool video. We are planning to involve a lot of our friends but that’s all I will say right now. You’ll have to watch it yourself. 😉 But I’m very excited to do another video.

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?

I’m really into food and drinking culture, reading, traveling of course, finding sense in life and spending time with my family and friends as much as possible.

Inspiration is everywhere, also in life of others. Movies, anecdotes, books, history, news, Facebook whatever.. this is all affecting my writing, music making and living.

How would you describe your music genre?

I’m into almost all styles of music and therefore probably able to express myself through all kinds of music styles I dig. But mainstays would still be House and R’n’B music.

What are your plans for the future?

As I said; finishing main projects, studying and probably moving to another country next year for a while.

How did you get into music?

Music has always been there my whole life, like in everyone’s environment. Additionally I was hugely influenced by the music my parents and brother used to listen to at home. Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Smashing Pumpkins; thats the stuff my mother used to and partly still listens to, my brother made me deal with german and us rap music on the other hand very early. With the age of 10 or so I fell in love with soul and r’n’b music which is still the stuff I sing mostly for hobby or in vocal lessons. Electronic music I discovered at the age of 13/14 I believe through going out in Berlin.

What are you listening to at the moment?

I dig modern black music a lot. 2016 and 17 were good years release wise when it comes to rap and r’n’b music from the US, also UK, Germany and Austria. Some names would be Lianne La Havas, SZA, Wandl, The Internet (also the solo stuff of each), Rejjie Snow, Azizi Gibson. My favorite record since a few months would be Meshell Ndegeocello – Plantation Lullabies from 1993. You’ve gotta check that one 🙂

Who are your top 3 influences and icons?

Mama, my brother probably and Aaliyah musically.

When are you playing next?

This weekend I’ll be back in London at the NT’s Bar for the guys of Slothboogie and in Kassel the day right after at Kleiner Onkel. Also Till (von Sein) and me are joining Jesse Rose on his final tour at Kater Blau, September 8in Berlin.



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